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Bangladesh and yet another business trip

Posted on 2010/06/13 10:10:41 (June 2010).

[Sunday 13th June 2010]

I went to Asia again in May, for a "short" 2 weeks trip.

Finally I got around the editing and uploading of all the pictures that are worth publishing in the blog!

This was an hard task because in Bangladesh I really never got the chance to walk down the streets by myself, and most of the pictures were taken from the car. You might ask yourself why didn't I walk the streets of Dhaka, well, hotel staff and my clients kind of told me that is fine if I am not by myself, but as into venturing all alone even in the nice part of Dhaka can be dangerous (and there is nothing to see).

Yes, Bangladesh being one of the poorest countries in the world and doesn't do anything to make things appearing different. Not yet at least.

I did my fair share of travelling, and I have seen things that are quite "harsh" for us European, but Bangladesh set a new standard, with the beggars, with the debris, with the absent public illumination at night, and all the rest.

But still I liked it. You might think of me as a masochist probably, but it's not like that, there is a lot of potential in a place that is underdeveloped and I think that given some time also Dhaka will rise to better standards.
Moreover all the people that I have met have been totally great.

Under the culinary and cultural point of view I have also quite liked the place. Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine is simply great, and I will not add more to that concept.

Culture is something that an Islamic country has by bucket loads, I remember that one night a friend of my distributor (two actually) sang for us some typical Bangladeshi folk songs. There are a lot of mosques of course, but I did not have enough time to see the "nice" areas apparently, so will have to leave it until next time.

So all in all it was an harsh experience, but one of those experiences that leaves a mark, and to be frank I want to go back again, to see more.

Inevitably this also refreshed my interest in India, which is a country where I only briefly stopped in Deli for a flight connection...

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