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Four AM and countiung...

Posted on 2010/06/02 21:51:48 (June 2010).

[Thursday 3rd June 2010]

Tokyo, 5:27 AM.

From the hotel window I can see that the sun has already decided to take his daily stroll on this part of the terraqueous hemisphere, and as a matter of fact is doesn't seem that it's so early, judging from the light.

An hint on how early it is could be the fact that the moon is still pretty visible, a white dot in the clear blue sky of Japan.

At least the weather did support me in coming here, Singapore and Bangladesh where quite hot and rainy. Jet lag on the contrary made the trip a little harder than normal, but I guess it's something I have learnt to live with when travelling on a business trip.

Many things are about to change especially when I get back to Florence, so this time my coming back (which will happen tomorrow by the way) is something that I both look forward to but also makes me uneasy.

I won't get into many details right now, maybe later, but suffice to say that change albeit difficult to enforce and accept means also that we are ready to step up and try to get life to improve.

So in a way, even if I fail, at least I have tried.

Going back to the trip, Bangladesh was a nice addition to the "carnet" of countries that I have visited, Dhaka is a very harsh place, so I wonder how the rest of Bangladesh must be. There is more than a fair share of poor people, beggars and generally human beings that could do with life giving them a little bit more, but remember that we are talking about one of the poorest countries in the world.
Of course I relate to the high end part of the population that can afford our products, so my time in Bangladesh was actually great, apart from the work activity that was good, my client is very young and we hanged around the Shisha bars of Dhaka and other places at night with his friends.
Everyone speaks English and I loved to be immersed in a different culture where I could ask all the questions that sprang into my mind. Definitely got to come back there!

Singapore was Singapore, and I really stayed only 1 day, and after that on the plane again to Japan, where I managed to meet Kutsunugi san and then now attending the fair at Tokyo Big Site (Interior Lifestyle). One good thing of the new hotel where I am staying is that there is a public bath (大浴場) and I love the bath culture in Japan so I spent there a bit of time boiling myself in the hot water and resting my mind...

Ok that's it! Time to start preparing for today's challenges!

Comment 1

Intersting trip then Lox! :-)

Actually I realise my trousers were made in Bangladesh..! On the one hand I have never had clothing from there before and dare not imagine what conditions must be like in the factories; on the other hand I guess I am, in some small way, supporting them.

Hmmmm... Thought provoking.

Posted by Nigel at 2010/06/02 22:56:03.

Comment 2

Well I wouldn't go so far into the thought of actually "supporting them", but in a way for them it's either that or really nothing. The country is rather poor of course, like anything that I have ever seen before. Maybe given some time things will improve, I am sure of it, right now it is dangerous to walk by yourself in the streets, even if you are in a nice area of town.

Posted by Lox at 2010/06/03 20:47:13.

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