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Trade Fairs

Posted on 2009/01/30 17:54:20 (January 2009).

[Friday 10th - Tuesday 20th January 2008]

It has been a fortnight that I didn't update my blog, mostly because I have been extremely busy with several work related appointments. The first one was in Milan for the MACEF fair, and the second one in Paris for Maison & Object.

They are both housewares related fairs, and they mark the start of the business year for companies such as the one where I am working at the moment (we are one of the main producers of crystal goods in the world).

Both the appointments have been quite busy, probably Milan was better than Paris, but all in all they have been quite good. It was a long time since I didn't go to a trade show, the last one was more than two years ago when I was still working up north for the fashion industry.

The best part has been the nights out with the colleagues, the group that we have is simply great, we get on very well with each other and it's a great atmosphere to work in. After so many bad experiences in the past jobs finally I landed something "good" under the internal relationship point of view.

So here I am again, back to Florence, in two weeks I will be leaving for Frankfurt for yet another show and then probably to Asia for the first business trip of 2009...

Let's see how things develop!

Unfortunately the long trip prevented me from updating the Tales from the Lost PDA, I will resume that soon of course.

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