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Major Setback

Posted on 2006/09/05 15:27:37 (September 2006).

[4nd September 2006]

Unfortunately this day rightly qualifies as on of the worst day of my working life ever.

As you all know I have turned down a job in Italy to catch the train that this Japanese alternative is offering me. On the other side the jump that I have decided to make is without safety net, meaning that I have nothing to go back to if it doesn't work.

The offer that we discussed in July is quite different from the actual situation that I am facing, basically, to cut things short, at the present conditions IF I am good at selling from the beginning (which is a little impossible by the way things are pressed on here), I might end up with a DECREASE from the Italian company prospective salary, of about 25% to 30%.

Of course we have still to discuss about several things, and I am now to give a FULL fiscal simulation and economic plan of my company under the present contract and under different conditions, but I cannot hide a terrible sense of un-satisfaction from the way things are turning out to be.

Explaining in Japanese to Japanese people how the Italian tax system works (of course I know SHIT about it, so you can imagine how good the explanation would be even if I did it in Italian), and telling them that even if they give me apparently a lot of money they are actually throwing in a bad deal for me (at least compared to what they said 2 months ago), it's hell.

I cannot get angry or take an hard position of course, I cannot risk to remain with a fistful of flies in my hands, on the other side I have to try to get my points approved.

Today I thought I was signing a contract, and now I have nothing but grief.

I met Kutsunugi san in the evening, it was great to see him, it's a good reminder of how much I will miss him in the future.
He gave me good advice, so I'll try to follow it, but I cannot hide from you the fact that I would have liked to cry my eyes out the very moment I stepped on the train that took me back to this tiny room where I am lodged at the moment.
I guess that only the other Japanese people on the train stopped me from doing it.

I am breaking down, I am tired like hell, I feel really lost.

This is not good.

That's it, now it's bedtime.

Comment 1

Well Lox, surely the fact that you have not yet signed a contract means that you are also not yet committed to anything?

So if it really does look like it is not going to work out, you can always just back out and try something else surely?

Overall, I don't feel like my coming to Japan has been a great success in terms of my career - I am pretty sure now I'd be on a lot more money if I'd stayed in the UK. The rather crappy exchance rate means at present I am earning a bit less than my previous job in the UK.

...so I'm coming to the decision now that I probably need to "cut my losses", "write it off to experience" and so on.

I think the image us Europeans have of coming out to the far east to get rich is something that got left behind in the 80s/90s - certainly in my industry at least (obviously I don't have the authority to comment about yours).

So anyway, what I'd say is try to look at this as still exploring an option, bearing in mind that you can always back out and try something different.

...and Florence will still be just as beautiful when you get back to it this weekend.

Posted by John at 2006/09/05 16:00:37.

Comment 2

Wow, Lox! This company (Mits?) seem to be really screwing you over this. What right have they to know your personal tax situation? Like we have been discussing over on the board, that is personal information they have no right to.

As for them being a Japanese company, that doesn't change anything. They have to deal with foreign companies all the time. That doesn't give them carte-blanche to be so intrusive, especially to someone who is self-employed!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/09/05 16:04:58.

Comment 3

Nigel: Under a westerner point of view your resasoning is compltely correct.
But if I want to work with them I can only comply, it's a little effort on my side, I think that they have good intention (I hope)... As for feeling screwed up it is pretty much my case at the moment...
I cannot pull back now, if I take the hard route (refuse to do anything) it means the end of the relationship. Exactely the situation that I wanted to avoid some months ago (hence me asking for a contract soon), but I failed there as now the other company's offer has been turned down.

John: Well I am not looking for the huge increase in salary that I would hope for, but if was them who said at first that they wanted to give me the same money as I was getting in Italy.
Obviously they don't know about the heavy fiscal drag in Italy, so I hope that by showing these infamous simulations they will understand. It's my only hope... As for the prospect of doing something else... well it means more months of unempoloyment that I frankly cannot afford at the moment... (more mentally that financially)

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/05 16:12:30.

Comment 4

Evon: wow. Turkey. Looking forward to seenig your photos! gong xi fa cai!Tze Yik:你Ÿ好好œ‚‡Œœ‹–•Œ ›ž来†’Œˆ‘们€起†Š‚›ŽInvisible 对•Š –Š坡 Œœ›不š让人失œ› ukgssy 对对对 谢谢你š„提†’ 海‚œƒ“ Ÿ对对对 就小ƒ lock 不•• 你š„‰œ‰œš ™ˆš“œš„ŽŸ œ‹ˆˆ‘€›ƒƒ

Posted by Toi at 2015/11/28 19:04:24.

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