Leon's Birthday

Another excuse for excessive drinking in Canterbury.


Just after we arrived at the Venue... strange who I'm the only person in focus here... hmmm...

Clare a bit too close up.

Clare and Leon both pulling pretty horrendous faces...

...but it's all smiles again here.

Well, they were her words, not mine. I think this bloke might have been a GP.

...and a short person wanted to get into the shot as well. Nice!

Thanks for the chest thrusting there Leon. Could have otherwise been a nice picture!

Matt and Gav, errrmmm, standing around and drinking basically.

Haha! Nice dancing there Gav!

Right, Leon here has got a Gretta Garbo, which apparently him and Gav invented. It's a double gin and Lemon Hooch, and is actually really nice.

The temptation to cut out Leon's face here and paste it into a compromising situation is pretty huge.

Small girl.

Leon is obviously loving it.

Leon and Gav's lower torso areas. Nice.

Small girl again, Amy in the background, and excessively freckley back in the foreground.

... and here is the small girl again.



The crowd. Looks busy doesn't it?

Leon took this picture, after shouting at these girls to turn round and look at us. Smooth.

Dillan with something nasty and orange looking.

I don;t like the looks of this one bit.


Leon in urgent need of some support.

The worrying thing about this picture is that you can't actually tell whether or not Amy and Clare are actually wearing anything...

Fantastic lighting here!

I think me and Leon must have been down below the stage here...

...and again here.

Sighting of some vaguely oriental girls here, urging me and Leon to practice our awful Japanese language skills.

The unlikely lads.

There we go. I think we were talking utter rubbish in Japanese now. These two were probably born in Coventry or something.

Not quite sure of the significance of the hand gestures here.

Dillan, and, errr, ermmm... probably dillan doesn't know either.

Am I dancing here? I hope not.

Less of that!

Leon perfects his letchy glance.

Must be closing time now, and almost instantly the bouncers are coming round trying tog et us to leave. Look at Leon in the background! Hahahahaha!


In case it isn't obvious, this is a picture of Leon on the way out, crawling on his hands and knees after some woman's arse. Oh dear, oh dear.