Leon's Birthday

Another excuse for excessive drinking in Canterbury.


Errr... ok so this is actually the Millenium Eye thingy, which I went past on the train on the way down to Canterbury.

I gave Leon a bottle of Absinthe for his birthday, here he demonstrates nervous anticipation.

Clare appears to be having an outer body experience whilst partially sitting on Amy.

Dillan entertains Leon and Gav with stories of horse shows and country fayres.

Classic three wise monkey shot.

Clare and Mags having a conversation which Amy doesn't seem to be included in.

Leon shows his authority by sitting in the highest place. Jack looks quietly murderous in the background.

Ohhhhhh Leon...

A scene very vaguely reminiscent of the kind of film usually produce in Sweden.

Leon looking very pleased with himself.

The ornamental cabbage, which I originally gave to Leon as a house warming present ages ago. It's still going!

Clare seems strangely unphased at the prospect of three people being on top of her. Ahem.

I think Tammy was taking these pictures, and she wasn't quite sure whether she was taking any or not. Thus four very similar ones in a row.

So, erm, where is Leon's hand exactly?



I love this picture. Basically I think it's Leon demonstrating how hot things cause pain. Marvellous.


Yea don't act like you're not enjoying it Leon.

Dillan and Amy in an almost catalogue like pose.

Right, so here comes the Absinthe! The flaming spoon thing seemed to come out quite well this time.

Yep it's all smiles now... give it a couple of minutes...

Leon shows us all how it's done. Haha! Mags looks ill just at the thought of it.

Ermmm... I can't remember what's going on here.

Amy appears to be inhabiting another planet at this point...

A bit cautious here.

Oh of course, then there's the sheep.

Yep, the bloody sheep.

Gav appears to care very much for his sheep.

Right so this is in the pub now. Can't remember what it was called. Some wetherspoons type of place I think.

The side of Leon's face. Nice.

Gav doing his angry mole impression in the background there.

Taken while we were singing happy birthday to Leon. Of his own accord he stood on his chair, and half the pub joined in with the singing...

Apparently Louise is offering to show Leon (and one guest) her breasts at this point. There was some disagreement over who his guest would be though.

John and Dillan, who seems unusually enthusiastic to have his picture taken.

Leon just generally being a geezer.

I think Dillan might have been singing the welsh national anthem at this point...

Dillan just can't seem to get in enough pictures!

Tammy here who was dead jealous about me living in Hampstead. Hehehe.

An aerial shot (on the way back from the toilet). Including Matt.