The Boat Party

Part 1 | Part 2

Nicoletta coughing back up a camera she'd swallowed earlier (for a bet).

Oh Marky, what are we going to do with you?

You can just about make out the picture of Bruce Lee on Chie's camera here.

Rob, how could you?! (Errr lets dismisss the fact that I told him to as purely circumstantial).


Rob's tarting mode is in full swing, however Erina seems more interested in her decongestant though. Oh well.

Some of the Japanese regiment not quite getting the whole putting two fingers behind someone's head thing... The convention is usually to have both of them behind the same head.

Look you two, this is just not on.

As Rob was saying earlier, not enough pictures of John and Chie...

Mark Gasson, the incredible human weighing scales.

Nope definitely not enough pictures...

A picture of... not that much really.

More people transfixed by the pole?

Kevin looking wearily at yet another autograph hunter.

Is this part of Kevin's assimilation process?

Close up of Rob's new hair.

Not... enough... pictures...


Ok so I was trying to getthis picture just as the lights came on... I'd had a bit to drink so I kept just missing.

Still, I'm quite happy to have loads of pictures of Chie.

Look, it's my camera, alright?

OK, last one I promise!

Whatever it is, Mark appears to be getting jiggly with, errr, it.

They're obviously playing the meat/vegetable pie combinations game.

Yep, definitely not enough John/Chie pictures.

Ah. Right, well possibly this is an attempt by Mark to get me to stop taking pictures with Chie in.

Lisa yearns to return to her easy life home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope sing...

A reinactment of the nordic invasion of the hebrides, c 720 AD.

You fighting? You asking?

Mark is still becoming increasingly jiggly with it.

Plant pots for sale. 40p each.

I refuse to comment on this picture.

Hmmm... I wonder if Rob had control of the camera at this point?

Hello, hello, hello...

Aha! Mr and Mrs Kevin Warwick.

Good grief!

UUHHHHHHRRRRR!!!! Dale's kissing a GIRL!

Freddy, of course, has seen it all before.

You! You're the two that killed my brother! Get off! Get off my bus!

No, honestly, she does like it.

Whose and is that...?

Hmmm... Tim's maybe?

This is the moon here. Honest.

The moon again (little dot above Ayako's head). Well I think this is kind of arty, anyway.

The rules of musical chairs have been officially waivered.

Excuse me!

I dread to think what is happening here!

Leg rubbing may now commence.

Hmmmm, I think we all preferred the one before.

Errrr, arbitrary picture that I could make interesting by spinning some lie about how if you add up all the RGB values you get pi to the power 100 correct to 50 decimal places. But that would be just daft.

What's interesting about this (seemingly arbitrary) picture is that if you add up all the RGB values you get pi to the power 100 correct to 50 decimal places.

Below deck there's a whole kind of Japanese thang going on.

Chiesan wa doko desu ka?

Quite possibly during us singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Rob attempts to receive a radio signal.

What's all this then Marky?

Ermmm... err...

Ayako, smiling defiantly through adversity.

Erina was allocated a very minimal dancing area.

Rob and Erina looking a bit lost and forlorn. Whilst, in the background, Nicoletta attempts to wrestle Tim to the ground. Or something.

Just before we all got off the boat.... awwww...

There she is, the good ship Caversham Lady.

It's a bit dark isn't it?

Chiesan presenting the boat.

Mark and John can bearly handle the thought of being parted again...

Some kind of martial arts I believe?

Chiesan chips... Get it... It sounds a bit like cheese and chips? Ok, I'll stop then.