The Boat Party

Part 1 | Part 2

Not tonight, you're not on the list.

A brief pause on the way to the river.

Assorted boat-party-goers waiting outside the station for no good reason.

Strange feeling of deja vu... Hmmm...

Right, so this is in Piper's Island pub thing, where we waited for the boat. Not really sure what the point of this picture is...

...or this one, for that matter.

Aha! Right well this is on the boat now, Brynie entertains all present with his renouned Terminator impression.

I think I'm laughing at Mark's misfortunate currency change incident here. Mark was not too happy.

This would be beer then.

Mark has no-one convinced with his suggestion that the back of his head looks just like the front of Erina's....

...which he then makes up for with an attempt at hypnosis...?!

In Robs own words, "because there's hardly any pictures of you and Chie, are there".

Golden rule of photography number 1. The front of people's heads are generally more interesting.

Nicoletta and Tim, basking in their recently discovered mutual love of vaccuum cleaner attachments.

It's Dale and it's Erina... and together they make.... Errr, Dale and Erina, largely.

If the captain had to suspect anyone of planning a mutiny, it would probably be this lot.

Janet and Ethel enjoying the ride.

Hold on a minute... THEY'RE DRINKING BEER!!!!

The people in this picture seem to have achieved that rare effect whereby it looks more like they're looking at you than you're looking at them. Erm, if you see what I mean.

Is that the back of Shabs' head? I think so.

Whoever took this is either a giant of a man (or woman), towering above the throng, intimidating all who dare stare in his (or her) direction or, errr, maybe just standing on something.

Recursive picture mmnph.

A couple of plain clothes detectives attempt to look inconspicuous.

The boat's freak show, including the two headed Gerwonga beast, was a great success.

Messrs Asker and Wetton looking imposing.

To be fair Virginie, I do look pretty stupid.

Mark practices a little Gae-Swan-Doh to relieve the pressure of Dale talking to him.

Sharkey, Mrs Sharkey and Tim. Tim is almost certainly saying op-amps here.

Mr Hutt, you cheeky so and so.

...and the landlubbers lying down below, below, below...

Helen (?) and Tim. Interestingly, in a parallel universe, these two together have collaborated on a number of ground-breaking scientific projects and managed, amongst other things to invent an everlasting and practical solution to bring about world peace. Sadly though, in our own universe, this is the closest they've ever come to talking.

Rew, and his good friend The Duchess of Detroit.

Interestingly, the difference in heights between these three (when sitting in the order shown here) is the international standard for the difference in heights of those three little platforms athletes stand on when receiving their medals. Small world isn't it?

Here I am considering a means of bringing assorted moulds and funghis into the celebrity limelight, at long last.

Look - a lock!

Mark yet again attempting to reproduce by miosis, or is it mitosis, or osmosis, or thrombosis...?

Warning. There are girls.

What an arty picture! Well at least I think so.

The sort of scene that prompts people to talk about "mingling".

Beer. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Tongue. Check.

Oh the shame. Possibly the best picture opportunity of the night and I messed it up (it's all blurry). Anyway, these are Kevin's socks, one bearing the legend "left" and the other "right". Yes, this is the same Kevin Warwick who was recently touted as one of the thirty most intelligent people alive today. Interestingly, just prior to this picture being taken, Mark spilled most of my pint over these socks. Nice.

Daley Dale, and the first person I've ever met with a domain as a name -, ermmm, or thereabouts anyway.

Dale is transfixed by the intricate swirling patterns on the pole before him.

I am not amused. Coralie, however, is.

Me, myself, and I(yako). Short pause to hum De La Soul song.

Ayako (not really sure how to spell it), flavour of the month it would seem, and me.... ermmm... again.

I seem no longer happy about all this photographic attention.

Mark's "Rob is doing something annoying" sense seems to be working perfectly.

Myself and Dale performing a routine check to see that our necks still work.

Ben looks like he's a football manager to me here. Errr... maybe it's just me.

Any ideas what amuses Mr Hutt here?

Here Byrnie is asking whoever put superglue on his camera to just jolly well own up...

[21:31:00] is giving anything away...

..."Look, my eyeball is stuck to the back".

Here is the Swan (in Pangbourne), one of my favourite pubs, as featured in Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat.

Dale is doing remarkably well at stopping the alien bursting out of his stomach here.

Dale is almost certainly reinacting a phone conversation here, and, by the look on Mark's face, an exceedingly dull one.

Some outstandingly bored looking people.

John and Chie demonstrate the angry cop / confused cop interviewing technique. As seen on The Bill (TM).

This is actually a complicated experiment in pneumatics.

I am scared to ask what Erina is looking so happy about here...

...thankfully, Chie seems just as much in the dark as I am.

But I thought you were changing at Crewe?

Well whatever it was making Erina giggle so, she's already lost interest in it.

For no apparent reason I am compelled to entitle this picture "The Behemoth Awakes".


Look how well camouflaged Rob is here, his shirt blends with the seat, his hair with the night sky, and his skin... oh damn, there's no twiglets anywhere.

The hand on top here is Mark's. I've spent some time trying to work out whose the other his, and have come to the embarassing conclusion it could well be mine. Doh!

English people are so stupid looking when they hold cameras. Let's laugh at them!

Mark appears to be mid punch-up here. Go on my son.