Germany and Holland

Germany and Holland

Pictures from a trip to Germany and Holland, en route from Japan to Britain.

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Wednesday 14th September 2005
Flying to Amsterdam in the morning / afternoon, then having a night out there in the evening.

Travelling to Hamburg
Thursday 15th September 2005
Spent most of the daytime on a coach which took us from Amsterdam to Hamburg. In the evening we went to a "pre wedding party" for Yee and Hauke.

Sightseeing in Hamburg
Friday 16th September 2005
Spent the day sightseeing in Hamburg.

Yee and Hauke's Wedding
Saturday 17th September 2005
The main event - Yee and Hauke's wedding.

Day after Wedding
Sunday 18th September 2005
The day after the wedding - a farewell breakfast, followed by a car journey to Amsterdam, and a plane from there to England.