Germany and Holland

Amsterdam - Germany and Holland


Wednesday 14th September 2005

Flying to Amsterdam in the morning / afternoon, then having a night out there in the evening.

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12:41:30 One of those standard pictures taken from a plane.

12:41:41 Another of the same...

12:42:07 I was hoping I might be able to use this information to infer our position...

12:45:20 Chie enjoying a cup of tea.

13:39:17 Following some negotiation (this could be misinterpreted as complaining) which managed to get some good seats, at the front, plenty of legroom.

18:24:50 Just sky really.

18:27:56 Same again.

18:32:06 Chie having a read...

21:26:59 Clouds etc.

16:10:18 On European time now (that's why the times have gone backwards!). Here we are on the train on the way from Schippol to the centre of Amsterdam.

18:06:11 The view from the hallway outside our hotel room.

18:14:20 A typical Amsterdam canal...

18:15:38 Some buildings and stuff, nothing in particular.

18:33:21 Boats lining the banks of another canal.

18:42:25 Yet another canal...

19:37:08 We popped into this sort of Dutch Tapas bar for a bite to eat and a drink...

19:37:35 ...this was very nice.

20:03:22 The outside of the Tapas bar type place.

20:05:20 This picture seems to have got corrupted - no great loss, I don't think it was that interesting!

20:47:05 The next bar, where we had more to eat and drink.

20:58:00 I had this very nice "vegetarian special" involving Portobello mushrooms.

21:32:38 The outside of the bar - I think it was called Het Molenpad.

21:43:33 Everyone needs a Sigmund Freud action figure!

21:46:39 Amsterdam canal by night...