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George Mules Male

Born: 1769
Died: 3-Sep-1840    

Comments: Mentioned in the IGI entry for his son John's christening.

George's family has seemingly been well researched by the Church of Latter Day Saints, and his lineage can be traced back through the Normans to the Vikings even. Following the paternal line, starting at George's father, we have:

Thomas Mules (born 1711, Chittlehampton, Devon)
John Mules (born 1674, High Bickington, Devon)
Humphrey Mules (born about 1643, High Bickington, Devon)
Thomas Mules (born about 1593, High Bickington, Devon)
Thomas Mules (born 1565, Roborough, Devon)
William Mules (born about 1525, Roborough, Devon)
George Mules (born about 1440, Halmerston, Devon)
John Mules (born about 1414, Halmerston, Devon)
Thomas Mules (born about 1388, Cornwall)
John Mules (born about 1360, Cornwall)
John Mules (born about 1336, Cornwall)
John De Mules (born about 1308, Cornwall)
Roger De Mules (born about 1282, Cornwall)
Roger De Mules (born about 1254, Chidecot, Lew, Exbourne, Teign, Devon)
John De Mules (born about 1226, Chidecot, Devon)
Robert De Molis (born about 1200, Chidecot, Devon)
Juhel (Joellus) De Molis (born about 1140, Exbourne, Devon)
Nicholas De Molis (born about 1110, Waldexote, Devon)
Roger De Molis (born about 1080, Lewe, Devon)
Baldwn Fitzglibert (born about 1022, Meules, Normandy, France).
Glibert "Crispin" Count De Brionne (born about 1000, Normandy, France)
Geoffroy Count D'Eu et Brionne (born about 953, Brionne, Normandie)
Richard I "Sans Peur" Duke of Normandy (born 28th August 933, Fbecamp, Normandie)
Guillaume I "Longue Ebpee" Duke of Normandy (born about 900, Normandie, Neustria).
Rollo Rognvaldsson (born about 846, Maer, Nord TRondela, Norway).
Rognvald I "The Wise" Eysteinsson Earl of More and Romsdal (born about 830, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway, and died 894, Orkney Islands, Scotland).
Eystein "Glumra" Ivarsson (born about 800, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway).
Ivar Halfdansson (born about 770, Oppland, Norway).
Halfdan "the Aged" Sveidasson, born about 700, Oppland, Norway.
Sveidi (Sveithi) "the Sea King" Svidrasson (born about 650 in Raumsdal, Norway).
Svidri Heytsson (born about 600 in Norway).
Heytir Gorrsson (born about 425, Raumsdal, Norway).
Gorr Thorrasson (born about 365, Raumsdal, Norway).
Thorri Snaersson King in Kvenland (born about 320, Raumsdal, Norway).
Snaer (Svaer) Jokulsson King in Kvenland (born about 275, Finland).
Jokull Frostasson (born about 240, Finland).
Frosti Karasson King in Kvenland (born about 210, Finland).
Kari Forjotsson King in Kvenland (born about 185, Finland).
Fornjotur King in Kvenland (born about 160, Finland).

George's Family

Spouse: Ann Butler (Married 12-Oct-1800)
Children: John Mules

George's Heritage