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Ernest Kemp Male

Born: 1897

Comments: An entry appears in the GRO indices for the birth of an "Ernest John A. L. Kemp" in Camberwell, Jul/Aug/Sep 1897 (volume 1d page 898).

The same entry appears to have been transcribed twice, with the second transcription having the name as "Ernest J. A. L. Luck Kemp", and the page number entered is 898a instead of 898.

After consulting the original image, it appears his name was first typed as "Ernest John. A. L. Kemp", with the reference as volume 1d, page 898. However, an X has then been placed next to his name, and further down the page a handwritten note reads  "Ernest J. A. L. Luck Camberwell 1D 898a". It is a little unclear what this addendum is supposed to mean, whether it implies that the typed entry is incorrect somehow, or whether it is in fact the insertion of another separate individual.

Aged 3 at the time of the 1901 census, his place of birth is entered as London, Camberwell. Here his name appears to read "Ernest A. I. L. Kemp".

These details may correspond with an entry in the GRO indices for the death of an Ernest John Kemp in July 1987, recorded in Chichester, West Sussex (volume 18, page 1331). Here the date of birth is entered as 18th August 1897, meaning he would have lived to the age of 89.

Ernest's Heritage

Parents: Ernest Kemp, Eliza Leach