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Samuel M. Hocking Male

Born: 1867

Comments: Aged 3 at the time of the 1871 census, his birthplace is recorded as Bideford.

Aged 13 at the time of the 1881 census, his birthplace is recorded again as Bideford.

A "Samuel M. Hocking" appears in the 1891 census, aged 23, with a place of birth entered as Bideford. The M. here could well stand for Mules. At this time he is unmarried. At this time he is living as a lodger at 18, Rack Street, St. Mary Major, Exeter.

A Samuel Hocking appears, aged 33, born in Bideford, in the 1901 census. Here he is living in London, Lambeth to be more precise, at 18, Ravensdon Street. His occupation appears to be "warehouseman". He is living with his wife, Eliza here. It is hard to say for sure if this is definitely the same Samuel, but it seems quite plausible.

Samuel's Heritage

Parents: James Hockin / Mules, Anna Lemon
Siblings: William J. Hocking, Elizabeth Mules, John Mules Hocking, Anna Mules, Bertha Mules