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Archibald John Jewell Male

Born: 1896

Comments: Aged 5 at the time of the 1901 census, his birthplace is recorded as Portsmouth.

This seems likely to tie in with a birth record for an Archibald John Jewell in the GRO indices for Jan/Feb/Mar 1896 (Portsea Island, volume 2b, page 440).

It appears Arch was killed in an air-raid during the second world war.

Archibald's Heritage

Parents: William Edward Jewell, Angelina Elcock
Siblings: William Edward Jewell, Mary Jewell, Percival Jewell

Archibald's Picture Album

ArchibaldJewell1 On the back Vera has written "Uncle Arch killed air-raid shelter Portsmouth Dockyard".
ArchibaldJewell2 Another picture from Vera's collection.