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Posted on 2006/09/30 24:37:03 (September 2006).

[29th September 2006]

Today was the day that I dreamt about for quite some time, the last part of this terrible working September that I have been engaged into.

This time I had to take these clients around the Prato area near Florence, to see some suppliers and possibly buy some stock.
Needless to say that the suppliers were not all that happy to talk about small amounts but I have tried my best to make them understand that every little penny helps, so in the end it was not all that bad as I thought.

Fortunately we managed to buy something as well, I have had quite a lot of troubles finding the companies around the city, but in the end all went well.

In the evening we went to "Canapone" one of my favourite places in Florence, a great small restaurant that is not even a restaurant, technically.

Basically these kids made a "culinary association", so they are not allowd to put signs outside, you even have to ring a bell to enter.
The cusine is marvellous, hand made pasta, lovely tuscan recipies revisited with some bits and pieces from other cusines.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and there are only 30 seats. We had a great dinner, lots of wine and bits and pieces.

In my dreams I will open a place like that in the future, it's really a thing that I would love to start, possibly cooking, making things in a way that have not been done before...

Anyways we said goodbye around elevenish, then I went back home for some more emailing to do and then off to bed!

Comment 1

The place was opened by kids you say? Presumably that is a metpahor for young people - you don't literally mean children... but somewhat inspiring to hear though - how old are the owners?

I am totally with you there - it is also a dream of mine to have my own little bar/restaurant. Probably it is never going to happen for me, but still, it's nice to daydream about.

Posted by John at 2006/09/30 15:33:18.

Comment 2

Oh and of course you don't need me to tell you, but every time I visited Italy you were always a fabulous tour guide to the country - especially Firenze (of course!).

I always love the way you underplayed a place before we went there - "this isn't my favourite restaurant - unfortunately that one is closed today - so we'll have to make do with this one instead, it's not really all that great"... and then it would be simply the best food I had ever tasted in my life.

I am sure this strategy is quite deliberate!

Posted by John at 2006/09/30 15:38:06.

Comment 3

I am awaiting your return to Europe quite eagerly, so that I can force you to come to Florence with Chie and take you to all those places that I have never shown you before... As for tactics in underplaying the restaurants that we went to it WAS NOT DELIBERATE, although I am using the completely opposite approach with the clients (boasting the greatness of this or that place)...

As for the kids, yes they are young more or less the same age as me, maybe a little older, the real dream would be to open the restaurant with YOU man! But that would imply one of us to move somewhereelse.. Oh well we'll see! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/30 18:44:54.

Comment 4

Sounds "productive" at least. and the food... Hmmm... When you guys get set up, I'm on my way over!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/01 17:22:24.

Comment 5

mmm.....why do you always bring your clients, your friends, the friends of your friends in these marvellous restaurants and you never bring me there???
I always ear about fantastic places, in Florence but then when I'm there, we never go... :((

Posted by Marta at 2006/10/03 24:29:20.

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