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Milano, Marta and Kutsunugi san

Posted on 2006/09/17 22:23:57 (September 2006).

[13th - 17th September 2006]

I have been really busy in this period, hence the total absence of blog updates of any sort.

The 13th of September marked the beginning of my new job in Italy. There are quite a lot of fairs for textiles in this period, and the first one that I have had to attend to has been the Milano Unica fair.

Since there wasn't enough time to arrange everything I had to stop at the old house in Vedano Olona, Marta infact has not moved to the new place, and therefore I spent two nights there.
Incidentally the 15th has been the last day of me stepping through the empty halls of the house that had me living up north for more than five years.
Marta has got everything boxed up and ready to move, I know very well the feeling, as I feel I am still on the move at this very moment.

The textile fair was quite nice, I have not managed to fall 100% into the part of the client, but I met a lot of salesman that used to be my colleagues during similar shows in Japan and Paris, making things a little easier, as I didn't have to introduce myself, just the new job that I am doing.

There were mixed reactions, but generally I feel that there is a bit of uncertainty on their side to see me working for some Japanese company. I think that, like every new thing, they are a bit unsettled by the fact that now the client speaks in Italian and knows all the tricks and problems of being a supplier of fabric...

We'll see where this will take me.

During the weekend Kutsunugi san, Keiko and Marta came to Florence with me, to spend the weekend there.
Although I really liked them coming, I cannot hide the fact that I was a bit unsettled by the fair and the early rises due to the fact that my lodging was 1 hour away from Milan.
Dead tired probably is the best word to describe it... Moreover I still feel totally bad by the fact that I haven't got a house, nor a car.
Still, I think that it was good to take my mind away from things a little, we went shopping in these two outlet places around Florence and on Sunday we managed to have a little walk through the center, even though the weather was totally foul.

After lunch they went back to Milano, as they need to leave for Paris (the next fair) and Marta of course needs to work on Monday.

As for me, Fiorentina lost away to Livorno, this didn't help my mood of course, and during the night I spent some time to put order to the things that I have done during the Milano days and some accountancy for the company.

Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, I MIGHT be able to be close to getting a house, and maybe if I am even luckier, to have a definite answer from my uncle about the tax regime that my company will have to follow.
As a matter of fact, I still have to send those simulations to the Japanese employer, and most importantly I need to be PAID, and I'd even like to know what shape my contract will have...
There are too many uncertainties in my life at the moment, but on the other side I also have to put my mind to the new job, on Wednesday I am off to Paris, then Milan again, then some clients will come to Florence... I really want this month to be over with asap, so that I can concentrate on sorting out the mess, and start a new career...

I hope I hold until then...

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The whole thing sounds like a big pain in the arse to me.

Well I have no real knowledge of how to go about setting up a business in the UK, let alone Italy... So can't really provide any useful advice there. As for looking for a house or car, not sure I have much to offer there either!

I find looking for places to live quite a frustrating process, which tends to spur me on to make a decision fairly quickly - I can't bare to trapse round places indefinitely, weighing up the minute pros and cons of each candidate. So I tend to just think in the end you're going to make it your own once you start living there, so to a certain extent it doesn't matter a great deal, as long as it meets your minimum standards.

I suppose the only general thing to say is to try and relax and take your mind off it all whenever you have a chance.... if you don't have time, then make time - it is easy to get yourself into a state of mind where you think you have absolutely no time, but most things in life can actually be put off a bit if needed.

Recently I've found myself in the mood for watching films a lot, which has been very successful at taking my mind off things.

I'm not sure what is out at the cinema that is worth watching at the moment, but presumably there's always DVD rentals (although not sure if that is difficult for you being at no fixed abode at present!).

Posted by John at 2006/09/18 04:38:55.

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John: You are right. I hate looking for places myself, thisis why I want to close the deal with these people asap. It might not be the best place in the world but it is good to me, I don' have to buy it, so it is going to be just temporary. When I'll buy a house I'll take more time. Same story for the car... I want to close the deal soon, hopefully today or tomorrow I'll go to get the final offers on the models that I have seen. I wish I had more time to concentrate on these tasks!

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/18 08:26:39.

Comment 3

This doesn't sound like fun, Lox! May I suggest buying a more "exotic" car, just to make you feel a little better? I think you mentioned a Peugeot 307 before, well I personally would prefer a Fiat Grande Punto with the alloy wheels and spicey engine!! It will accomodate your guests but look 100% Italian and go like a rocket!! :))))))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/09/19 19:33:15.

Comment 4

Whenever you go to Paris and if in need of a translator, I'm your man !

Posted by Sheri at 2006/09/21 13:31:56.

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