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Summing up

Posted on 2006/09/10 15:30:41 (September 2006).

[8th September 2006]

The time spent on the flight back to Florence gave me time, as if I needed it, to think about my present situation.

I have the whole of September scheduled with appointments and textile fairs, one after the other. I will have very little time to sort out the car let be the house.
Of course I will try to start looking for the house, on the car I have pretty much set my mind, I'll probably go for a Peugeot 307, as I need a car where I can fit some clients when they come to Florence, a bit of a representative car in a way.

The house situation is much more complicated. I thought that I would move to Prato, a place near Florence, as all the textile is based there, but then my mother and some of my friends asked me to reconsider this idea, as it would mean moving away from Florence of a good half hour with the car, effectively getting back to the situation that I was living in before.

On the other side there are several factors to consider, among which the cost of the apartments. Anyways I have to start taking a look at them, therefore Monday will see many calls and a visit to the car dealer to talk some serious business...

As for the Japanese situation, I have got those instructions that I needed, so I know what I am going to do from now on, but on the other side, as I wrote before, there are quite a lot of problems on the contract side, and I really cannot see what is coming my way on these points. This is not what I was hoping for to be honest, as they are also changing their mind on some details that might have quite an impact on the earnings. In the end we signed the original contract as a temporary measure, but I am to produce simulations of tax returns in order for them to make up their mind.
My fear is that even if nominally I'll be paid quite a lot, I might end up loosing money compared to the job as an employee that I could have had.

Hardly a good position I dare say.

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