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Much Ado about Nothing?

Posted on 2006/09/06 10:58:17 (September 2006).

[6nd September 2006]

It could seem that way. A lot of stress, worries that came to nothing in the end, as I have been reassured by the person that wanted me in this company that things are not as bad as I look at them at the moment. I guess that this is the problem with a commission based work, you don't know (usually) how much you can count on, therefore all my simulations have resulted under weighted and look quite bleak compared to the plan that they have.

The good point is that I got a better insight in the way these commissions are going to handled. The problem is that generally speaking it's not 100% fixed the client/supplier base that will generate money, but at least I know that it's not only one company as I thought at the beginning.

There is no point in asking to make a list as I believe that it will be different case by case.

So while I got a bit calmer on that part, the other part (the work) was quite terrible. Jet lag have been biting ALL DAY LONG, and I was forced to do a Department Store visit for more than 3 hours, then we had to attend an exhibition with the main customer that we have and tonight I have a big dinner with all the bosses and so on.

I am dead tired, I'd really want to go home and not have to endure the dinner, but that's the way it is, I must go, the dinner party is for “me” after all. Of course all the big cheeses of my section, colleagues and are going to come making it a very informal “formal” dinner...

Just what I needed to relax a bit!

Oh well, tomorrow is the last day, let's hope that tonight I can sleep otherwise I cannot really imagine how can I wake up in the morning...

Comment 1

Lox! What a ride you’ve been on this week! Crazy!! But what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Self-employment is full ups and downs but ten thousand times more intense it seems because you’re no longer just going to work, you can’t just leave work at work because it’s now apart of you. If you don’t do what needs to be done, you don’t succeed. Now having said that… I’m not trying to bring you down but rather reassure you.

When I was working solely on my business (albeit small and not having to worry about getting my point across in another language, in another country) all it took was one meeting, one phone call, one email and my day, my week, my month, my entire year could change instantly. As low as you might feel you can be sure that it only takes one short moment to change everything.

Posted by Malinda at 2006/09/06 17:48:26.

Comment 2

Ciao Malinda!

As a matter of fact I am starting to see the same pattern for me. Ok, this time it's especially hard, I am to meet all the new colleagues, bosses, clients, and I know little of the way they work. Plus the contract in the end has not being sined, it wss changed and badly expalined (hence the confusion). But yet. I cannot say aymore "oh it's their problem" referred to my last employer when things were totally wrong after having tried very hard to make them right...

This time things GOT to be right. :)

Thanks for the support!

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/07 12:12:11.

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