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Upping the Ante

Posted on 2006/09/04 15:56:58 (September 2006).

[4th September 2006]

And so it was, jetlagged and tense like a violin cord I made my way towards the headquarters of the company where I am going to work. Since life isn't easy on you, I think that she decided to raise the bet a little and put me to trial this time...

Today we couldn't speak about the contract, we had to go to see the main client to make a presentation of several qualities that my colleagues collected.

Of course I had to spend half of the day introducing myself to a lot of people, in front of the full board of director I had to make a short speech (totally unprepared, and quite badly done to be honest) and, surprise surprise, I had to improvise the whole presentation as if it was I that selected all the fabric.

Being an actor at heart it was not hard thing to do, having to do it in Japanese in front of 18 people, among which all my directors and top shot clients, was quite unespected.

Still, it all went well, I guess, I still have so many gray areas to clear about WHAT I have to do and HOW, but hopefully they will be clearer from tomorrw.

I really long to go back to Italy as soon as possible, the small room, the pressure that I have to endure and all these novelties are quite a big stress... Moreover back in Italy I still have to to sort out the company business, find a house and buy a new car.

Hardly a walk in the park, unless this park is on Mars of course...

Let's hope tomorrow it's going to be easier on me, I really need to unplug a little...

Comment 1

Very stressful indeed! A presentation in front of 18 people is very hard, even more so when in a different language! Phew! Well, meet up with John and plan a visit to that whisky place - putting all costs down as company expenses of course!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/09/04 16:19:10.

Comment 2

By the looks of it the only time when I'll be abel to meet John is Thursday night, lateish... If we can... Ten I'll br voming again for 3 weeks in Decembre so maybe there it's easier, but I also think that his plans are to come back during Xmas.... We'll see... The presentation would not have been a problem if I had really done it. But they did it. it lacked fantasy, flair and moreover I didn't know what to tell the people about the fabric that I had chosen!!! (allegedly)

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/04 22:16:20.

Comment 3

Ciao Lorenzo!! I know that you are a very good actor and that your Japanese is very good!! Bravo for the presentation!!
But I hope you can convince your bosses to change the hotel...If you don't even have a wordrobe....
Anyway GANBATTE!!!!
baci baci

Posted by Marta at 2006/09/05 08:14:38.

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