Lorenzo Pirisino

The Woods

Posted on 2006/09/03 07:49:28 (September 2006).

[2nd September 2006]

The morning air was much more pungent that the previous weeks, meaning less sleep in the morning. Kevin didn't mind that too much, there were a lot of things to do in an unknown forest apart from walking on the other side of it.

The morning chill, helped by the shad cast by thick bushes and trees, quickly left the bones where it sank through, once Kevin moved under the direct sun.

A yawn, a bit of stretching, after the night spent in a sleeping bag under the sycamore tree that he found the previous night, and then off for a quick breakfast before starting to walk again.

It was now more than a week since he left the main road to enter the forest, things had quickly changed, he had several interesting fights with strange creatures, small and hunched, moving in flocks and speaking a quite complicated language.

Kevin remembered some of his early lessons, eleven years before, when he moved from his town to go abroad and learn the magic.
They were called “bureaucrats”, the advices of his uncle were key in fighting them off, and that reminded him once more that he had to focus on finding the correct path in order to get out of the forest quickly.
In his mind, behind the forest, there were prizes and happiness waiting for him to arrive, friends and family with welcoming smiles and open arms.

The thought that life was changing was enough to drive him forward, together with the curiosity of knowing what would be next.

Too long he lived in a comfortable environment, stable and solid as a rock, bored as a person staring a white wall for hours.

He longed for more, the explorer, the adventurer within him had almost withered, and now it was getting back at his normal state...

Before heading towards a big clearance on his right hand side, he spotted yet another bureaucrat, alone and clearly lost in the woods... his mind focused on the beast and quickly raced through the spells available to him, but in the end, after stopping many times on several crippling spells, he decided to let it live, better not have the rest of the herd against him, at least not now...

After taking a detour on the right hand side, circling the monster, he spotted another path leading up-hill, where the vegetation was getting thicker and light was almost a luxury, as very little filtered through the tree leaves.

Kevin took a deep breath and entered the deep heart of the forest, time to rock and roll, time to get serious...

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