William's Birthday

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Pictures from William's first birthday, in Guildford, on Sunday 30th March 2003.

09:49:31 Me and Chie had arrived early to help set things up. Here's Chie arranging chairs, I think.

09:49:59 Liz's Dad (William's Grandad) begins the long and ardurous task of trying to inflate the green car.

10:30:59 After a while, Adrian arrived with reinforcements in the form of a pump somehow attached to his car (?!).

10:31:19 It still took a while to blow it up though...

11:15:24 Chie couldn't resist having a go in the finished article...

11:16:05 Chie sitting very neatly on one of the playmats.

11:16:40 ...seemingly I couldn't resist having a go either.

11:16:47 Remember - mirror, signal, maneuvre.

11:16:56 The full sized image here seems to have got corrupted somehow or other - a bit of a shame.

11:18:36 Chie filling the car with plastic balls, as one does.

11:21:23 Chie has a quick play on the piano, whilst we wait for the guests to arrive.

12:08:18 William has arrived! Here's a great picture of him with both of my Grandmothers, his Great Grandmothers (!).

12:08:25 William with Vera and Mona again.

12:08:39 ..and again.

12:08:47 Just Mona and William here, but this picture didn't really come out right because of the light from the window behind her - this was a constant problem in this hall!

12:19:47 Keith, William and Mum (William's Grandmother).

12:19:52 "What's inside there then?" Ponders young William.

12:51:43 Adrian, looking very smart indeed, making sure William gets fed as well as everyone else.

12:52:56 Two boys who could have been brothers playing in the car thingy.

12:54:18 Dad, with his two sons, and first grandson.

13:05:03 Mum and Grandma watching the proceedings.

13:07:07 A bit blurry here. I don't think that can of Carslberg was Mum's.

13:07:10 Same again, but a bit sharper.

13:49:34 Not sure what this is supposed to be a picture of.

13:49:47 Me and Uncle Robin.

13:50:32 We seem to be gathering around to watch the cake being cut, or the candle(s) being blown out I think...

13:50:49 A bit hard to see William and his Mum and Dad with all the people in the way!

13:51:38 Adrian and William, both looking very smart.

13:51:45 There was so much food there! I think we all went home with doggy bags.

13:51:51 William seems fixated with something out of shot.

13:52:51 William and his Dad again...

13:55:15 Assorted family members, unfortunately almost invisible because of that damn window!

14:10:33 William in the ball pool.

14:10:36 It's very hard to get kids this age to keep still for the camera!

14:11:31 Not sure whose hand this is, but they seem to be trying to persuade William to look at the camera.

14:11:36 Marvellous, he's looking straight at the camera and everything!

14:12:32 The inflatable car is obviously a winner.

14:12:38 Lots of very busy children.

14:12:47 Mona and Vera, I assume watching the goings on in the inflatable car.

14:24:36 Me and Alex.

14:24:42 A but of Dad, along with Louise, Rebecca and Alex again.

14:29:21 Louise isleft holding the baby (or toddler, not quite sure what you call someone at this age).

14:29:34 Strange composition, but I sort of like it.

14:34:36 William seemed intent on destroying the tablecloth.

14:34:41 ...although he eventually got tired of that game...

14:42:07 Lovely picture of me and Vera.

15:15:34 Coming towards the end of the party now. Chie pushing William around whilst we're clearing up, unfortunately another casualty of the terrible lighting conditions.

15:16:54 William seems very at home in his little car.

15:17:00 Nicely done.

15:17:08 It seems deflating this car was going to prove as much of a challenge as inflating it. Here Keith, Mum and Robin are all mucking in.

15:17:40 A peek through the hatch to the kitchen bit...

15:19:23 ...Robin and Keith are still trying to get the air out of that car...

15:19:36 I love this picture - William is blissfully unaware of all the effort being made on his behalf.

15:19:42 ...and they're still trying to get the last few pockets of air out!

15:19:49 ...and still...

15:21:24 Adrian comes along to lend a hand, and William turns to see what's going on.

15:21:55 Time for the inflatable car to go back in the box, finally.

15:22:18 William still enjoying his set of wheels.

15:32:40 Chie and William.

15:32:45 Chie and William again.

15:35:48 Chie holding William, who is probably missing his car already.

15:37:51 Me with William, who has lost a shoe.

15:37:56 Me and William again.

15:38:00 ...having a little chat...

15:38:05 ...and again.

15:43:43 Dad and William.

15:47:09 Outside the hall, and going to leave.