Pangbourne and Whitchurch Pub Crawl

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This was originally planned as an exact repeat of the previous Saturday's outing on my birthday, for the people who weren't able to make it first time round. In practice it was a fairly revised schedule, in an attempt to avoid several undesirable factors - chiefly repetition, hangovers and Streatley. As we had failed to visit any pubs at all in Whitchurch on the previous excursion, this became our main objective this time round. I'm not sure if this really qualifies for a pub crawl as such, we were mainly only in three pubs (four if you include the swift pint in the Cross Keys a few of us had at the end), so perhaps instead it was more of a pub saunter.

I am increasinlgy unsure of the usefulness of all the waffle in the previous paragraph. In short, here are some pictures of some people drinking.

17:19:17 Here we are, to start with, in The Swan. Simon must have arrived by this point as there are a plethora of cuban cigars on the table. Thanks Simon!

17:20:51 No schoolboy humour now please.

17:23:55 Simon, oh provider of all things cigar like, blessed be thy name.

17:24:14 Me thoroughly enjoying a cigar, and Jim thoroughly enjoying just getting his head into shot.

17:25:09 Barry also clearly partial to the odd puff now and again. So to speak.

17:26:54 Me and Kevin with cigars. Not much else one can say about it really...

17:27:04 This is the most like a member of the Marx brothers I have ever looked in a photograph.

17:27:09 I think there's an attempt at a Garry-esque double pistol finger point on my behalf. Seemingly not that well executed.

17:27:23 It's going to get pretty hard to continue writing comments if they're all just going to be people with cigars.

17:27:48 Simon and Jeanette clearly very jubilant about something here. Perhaps it is the anticipation that we'll soon be in Whitchurch...?

18:11:00 On the way to Whitchurch now. Could it be that this Asahi bottle was left behind by us the previous Saturday? No, surely not...

18:11:16 Everyone but Barry that was present at this stage in the proceedings, on the Whitchurch side of the bridge. All looking very jolly. Note the bus in the background, which has only appeared because we have no need for it whatsoever.

19:09:59 It seems I didn't take any pictures in our first stop in Whitchurch, the Ferryboat Inn. This was possibly through fear. Anyway, here we are, not long after that, in the Greyhound just up the road.

19:10:06 As always, there is a brief period when first entering an unknown pub during which I feel like I shouldn't use the flash out of politeness...

19:10:46 ...leading to some very odd pictures indeed in this case...

19:11:16 Clearly by this stage though, drunkenness had overcome politeness, and the flash was on again. A particularly touching shot of Jim and Barry.

19:12:13 Looks like a round has very recently been purchased. What nice clean glasses.

19:14:31 A very kind gentleman who was sitting at the bar (and, as it turned out was a professional photographer) offered to take a picture of us all - very nice it is too!

19:14:44 Not satisifed with the first attempt, he took a second which was even nicer...

19:15:17 As a souvenir, I managed to persuade the photographer chap to appear in one as well. Lovely.

19:15:50 From here on in it seems the pictures become increasingly random and unnecessary... Still, nice nonetheless.

20:20:14 Seemingly someone turned the flash off again...

20:20:38 Errr.... thanks very much for that Jim.

20:20:48 Although the pub crawl had originally been organised as a belated birthday celebration for me, it was in fact far closer to Kevin's birthday. This might account for the large number of pictures with Kevin in.

20:20:54 Lovely!

20:22:03 As far as I can recall, everyone was pleased with the food in the Greyhound. An all round great pub really.

20:22:51 Hmmm, as I predicted, fiddling about with the camera settings resulted in a scary blue version of Barry.

20:23:30 Aha! Chie must have arrived by now then. I can't remember who was taking these - maybe Barry? He seemed to insist we have lots of pictures of us together...

20:23:36 ...hmmm....

20:23:41 How very odd...

20:23:48 We both look either very tired or very drunk here...

20:23:54 Ok that's enough now!

20:28:41 The table had become fairly littered with assorted pub debris by now...

20:28:47 Kevin seems to be enjoying himself anyway!

20:29:14 Not sure why this needed to be quite this close up, but still...

20:29:29 Somebody else has clearly got hold of the camera, and is using it as a weapon.

20:29:40 For some reason the phrase "Would you buy a used car from this man?" springs to mind, although there is possibly no sense to it whatsoever.

20:33:00 The general frivolity here may have been caused by Jeanette having just successfully lodged two cigar tubes up her nose. This wasn't caught on camera, unfortunately.

20:33:06 You'll just have to believe us, it was very funny. Honest.

20:33:13 I think that hand gesture should be read "no more!".

20:33:37 Perhaps something interesting is occurring at the bar here...?

20:34:36 Jeanette kindly recreates the cigar tube incident with what I believe are referred to in the catering trade as "cafe curls".

20:34:45 Everyone enjoyed this spectacle, evidently.

20:39:47 Barry obviously enjoying his dessert. Jim seemingly has fallen asleep.

20:39:57 I'm not sure if I find it touching or disturbing.

20:40:42 Spoon feeding seemed to then become a running theme for the next few minutes...

20:46:29's me with ice cream dribbling down my chin as a result...

20:46:37 Amazingly none landed on my dangerously pale shirt.

20:46:54 Looks like all the dessert related fun is over now.

21:27:59 Having been out since three o clock, we decided it was a reasonable time to start heading back. Here's a shot of us all (apart from me - someone needed to take the picture) on the bridge back over the Thames.

21:28:11 Without realising it, our pub crawl had not only spanned two villages, but actually two counties.

22:50:33 Barry and Jeanette had gone to catch a train, but judging by the time, the rest of us had spent a while in the Cross Keys afterwards. I think we left early enough to catch the chip shop though. Lovely.