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Sunday (early morning!) 2nd July 2000. Me and Rob, seeing off Chie and Kanako at Waterloo International, who were going to be spending a few weeks studying in France.

07:47:18 Rob and Kanako stayed at my flat in Hampstead the night before, to make sure we could all get up bright and early to get down to Waterloo. Here they are on a bus, just down the road from my flat I guess.

07:47:34 Me and Chie on the bus.

08:22:50 At Waterloo now, it would seem. Rob gets a picture with the girlss...

08:23:10 ...then same picture with me instead of Rob.

08:23:19 Well I'm actually faking it here, but nonetheless, as I might not see Chie again for six weeks, it was a bit of a sad day.

08:23:24 Kanako, lookinh excited about going to France!

08:26:28 Me and Chie both pretending to look miserable here, for effect.

08:26:34 ...I think we may have been sat at a table in one of Waterloo's cafes here...

08:26:55 Our pet monkeys, Minky and Winky, were to be split up between me and Chie while she was away.

08:27:10 More pretend crying! Not particularly convincing here!

09:00:35 The girls getting ready to go through the barriers...

09:01:04 ...off you go then!! Byeee! See you in France...!