Vanessa Celebration

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Tuesday 4th February 2003. A night out with Vanessa to celebrate her getting funding for her MSc course, or something like that.

18:26:44 In David's house. We can blame Jamie Oliver for this mouldiness, apparently.

22:34:11 Far later, here we are in the Hobgoblin. Yet again I am reminded how my camera can not be given to untrained members of the public, unfortunately.

22:34:27 Here's a picture Chie took. A lady well versed in Japanese technology and with very steady hands. Right in the centre there you can see the barman, who was jolly nice.

22:35:30 This was meant to be inspired by the Japanese proverb "Ryo te ni hana". Probably no-one gets this reference. Oh well.

22:36:38 Chie looking at the assorted things stuck to the wall. I recall being very impressed by the amount of double entendres she was capable of understanding.

22:37:08 Chie took this one. A survey of the ceiling.

22:38:08 Vanessa. Oddly she seemed unhappy with this picture. We helpfully pointed out to her she's female, good looking, and sitting in front of a bar, and therefore the bulk of the male populace will have no grounds for complaint.

22:39:26 Chie looking at more things stuck to walls.

22:39:38 Not sure why exactly, but I'm rather pleased with this picture.

22:52:50 At the station. Lucky Kev displays his ticket, and Chie looks oddly excited.

22:53:18 Me and Kevin sharing a special ticket moment.

22:54:00 An odd blurry picture involving Chie's shoulder and a bit of a train.