Upin Arms

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A night spent in the Upin Arms Tuesday 25th July 2000 (I think), playing Jenga, and drinking beer.

I've never though beer and Jenga were a particularly good combination... It can only lead to disaster...

Michelle straying dangerously close, whilst in a fit of giggles, to the leaning tower.

I'm not sure what these facial expression represent, and I don't think I knew at the time either.

Mark looking uncomfortable about the fact I'm standing behind him.

Ben, shockingly with beer.

Well it still appears to be standing...

...but not any more. Paul pleads ignorance.

Clearly they're going back for more punushment.

...and they're off again.


Mark seems to be distressed by Michelle's next move.

Oooooh looking dangerous!


I'm going to get fed up with writing captions about Jenga pretty soon.

It may look as though I wasn't taking part at all, and was just in it for the beer. This would be a vicious and scathing rumour, of course, without a shred of truth.

Beb, still with beer.

Paul getting all preofessional now.


I think there might have just been another collapse, given Paul's defensive posture here.

Ben and Mark looking on philosophically.

Paul looking a bit fed up with it all.

I'm concentrating on something here, it appears.

Probably somebody's finger got in the way here.

A headache perhaps...? Surely not from drinking beer...?

The side of Paul's head.

Michelle, laughing again.

Not sure what prompted the flower power business...

...this must be outside, as we all gallop off home.