15:36:35 Rob valiantly protects Erina from a marauding Dalek. Errr, this is irrelevant isn't it?

18:42:56 A bit of a map. Now this is definitely irrelevant. I think I may have taken this in order to give people directions to my birthday party, which was going to be two days after this evening.

18:43:20 Another bit of a map. Still pretty much irrelevant though!

20:41:44 Right, OK in the union now. A bit dark though...?

20:42:00 Right, that's better. This is meant to go with the dalek picture earlier. It's supposed to depict Mark and Yeti (Jim) cackling evilly (is that a word?) as they remotely control the dalek thingy to attack Rob and Erina.

20:44:59 Somebody's ear. I'm guessing perhaps Byrnie's.

20:51:27 Too dark! Byrnie, Erina and a bloke who may also be called John. I think this is in the upstairs bar bit. I think the people in Byrnie's year had done some kind of project demo or something in the daytime, this the shirts and so on.

22:01:16 Donwstairs now. Byrnie and Rob by the fruit machines. I guess they must be watching a game of pool being played.

22:38:49 Erina and Dale strut their stuff, whatever the hell that means. I think Erina did some singing later if I recall - it was karaoke night or something...

22:40:43 Looks like Chie and Kanako have joined in. It's still a bit bloody dark isn't it?

22:41:03 Mark standard pose #4. Meanwhile, Rob whispers something undoubtedly highly sensitive in his ear.

22:55:19 Byrnie's then trademark (Wallace and Grommit?) face. Note also Adam in the background. Not for any particular reason, just note him nonetheless.

22:55:39 There must be something good happening out of shot. Perhaps this was the bit when Erina was singing?

22:56:43 Rob dancing.

22:57:07 Rob dancing more, a bit better lit.

23:16:27 Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls. Nice! On the right hand side that's Kanako's sister, Masako (or is it just Mako, I might have got that wrong).

23:18:57 Not sure what this is all about. By the way, you'll be glad to know, I've hardly worn that shirt since.

23:40:17 What a great mate, you are mate, errr, mate.

23:41:06 Mark standard pose #5. Plus Masako (again, maybe that's not really her name) and Chie. Jim's face here is quite superb.

23:44:24 The Carry On Film look again from Mark. Good work, sir.

23:48:49 Introducing Mr Robert. I. H. W. Goatshit LANG-AH!

23:48:59 I wonder what the collective noun for Gumby is...?

23:50:09 Rob is hit by a bizarre invisible fist.

00:08:41 A bizarre coat swapping episode ensued. Chie was wearing my coat, so, for no good reason, Mark took Chie's coat.

00:15:50 Mr Gasson with the two Miss Tsukamotos. Lovely.

00:23:20 Now then, in order for Chie to get her coat back, I inexplicably had to give Mark my coat.

00:24:09 Mark did actually go home with my coat, although I believe I got it back a few days later - Mark eventually bought his own.