18:56:36 I think we were testing the light levels with these first few pictures. No really, we are that professional.

18:56:39 Gone from one blurry person to both blurry people.

18:56:43 Still blurry.

18:57:03 I think I was trying to make my head look wider by moving it quickly from side to side here...

18:57:28 What complete moron! (Me that is)

18:57:58 Byrnie! Good grief, I don't recall you ever having hair like that!

18:58:48 Some nights you just look idiotic in every picture. For me, it must have been one of those days.

18:59:42 Mmmmmm Malt Vinegar.

19:00:29 This is actually a picture of me, as seen through the bottom of a plast pint glass.

19:01:57 Mmmmm cheese and chips. Could this be an early "POISONOUS MONKEY!"...?

19:02:36 Me and Rob through plastic.

19:07:37 Look, someone seems to have found a picture of Captain Pugwash in the paper.

19:09:29 Hmmm, we don't seem to be able to get the little chappy in focus.

19:13:29 Rob, racks 'em up, or whatever it is you call it.

19:15:02 Have you ever wondered what the inside of a pocket on a pool table looks like? Wonder no more!

19:15:31 Rob showing his prowess with the cue, whilst seeming being melted by the worrying redish glow at the left hand side of the picture.

19:21:54 As newspaper excerpts go, I guess this is slightly less jolly than Captain Pugwash.

19:22:57 Look! We got him in focus. And he's convincingly leaning on a pint of beer! No, really.

19:26:43 Tim and Dale looking drunk and cheeky respectively.

19:32:49 A complex series of hand gestures, probably Egyptian in origin.

19:47:08 Good grief Mr. Lang. With a lemon?

19:47:35 Tim not as drunk looking as earlier, but Dale still as cheeky!

19:47:43 My arse.

19:48:11 Tim's chin.

19:49:09 Somebody's tongue.

19:49:27 Mr. Gasson and Mr. Hutt, shrowded in darkness.

19:50:40 Captain Pugwash you thirsty bugger!

19:51:03 Good grief, you do yourself an injustice man!

19:51:34 I can't really imagine him being the Bacardi Breezer type, somehow.

19:51:52 It must be like living in The Land of The Giants for the poor little guy.

20:08:13 Dale here is meticulously reconstructing a torn up flyer to see what it says, somewhat oblivious of the fact that Mark is in posession of an intact one.

20:10:16 Nope, he really isn't twigging is he? If kirigami is the art of manipulating paper by cutting, is what Dale's doing here retro-kirigami?

20:29:47 Mr Hutt. At the time, I guess this was quite a cool mobile.

20:30:56 Well waddya know?

20:37:12 Interesting perspective here. Good work cameraman.

20:46:15 Look the first of the Japanese has popped in - this is Chiharu (never sure if I'm spelling that right).

20:50:40 Erina's must have arrived by now too. Not in public Dale!

20:51:22 Poisonous monkey again? Mark still occupied with the flyer from earlier.

20:53:07 Not sure what Dale has in his hands here, but Erina seems to want it too.

20:53:51 Weird eyes there! Kanako looks either posessed or unimpressed.

21:00:23 Fantastic - it's Hide and Chie. Don't they both look young!

21:00:39 I believe this guy's name may have been Rob, and old housemate of Dale's.

21:04:12 Not sure what had happened here, but it looks like Rob had just achieved some form of victory.

21:04:53 Erina. Isn't she sweet?

21:05:27 I think this picture may have stemmed from the observation that Kanako is unpleasant to Rob when people were looking, but lovely otherwise. Thus in this cleverly staged shot, I'm whistling impassively, and Dale is leaning over the table to try and draw attention away from the photographer.

21:05:38 The somewhat de rigeur fork in the eye shot.

21:05:47 Kanako can't quite bring herself to follow suit.

21:06:37 Dale is so hungry he's decided to eat some of Erina's neck.

21:06:42 Still, she seems to have survived more or less.

21:06:54 Not sure what Erina was aiming at here...?

21:16:57 More people playing pool.

21:18:37 Fantastic picture, I love it.

21:18:44 Good grief Mr. Lang. Rob here looks like he's about to burst into "Trouble at 'mill".

21:21:47 No idea what all the gaiety is about here.

21:36:42 At the time, shots of one of the guys with a small gaggle of Japanese girls around him where at least as de rigeur, if not more so, than the fork in the eye shot.

21:37:12 I think I was starting to (try and) get artistic here. I vaguely remmeber asking for "just heads, please".

21:38:00 An almost Batman style angle. I'm half expecting a POW! in the top right hand corner.

21:39:19 Yes, it was one of those night where the look of moronicity seemed to be following me around. However, this is also the most like Tom Hanks I think I've ever looked. I wonder if there is a connection...?

21:40:07 I was understandably very pleased with this picture though. MARVELLOUS.

21:43:38 Erina goes for the much coveted double whammy fork both eyes. For a relative newcomer, she performed admirably.

21:45:43 Byrnie shows the dying art of smoking chips is not altogether extinct. Adam shows, well, errr, very little in fact.

21:47:09 Hide and Dale playing pool.

21:49:12 Perhaps in years to come I might have wanted reminding what shoes I was wearing this particular night.

21:52:09 Fantastic.

22:02:36 I think I actually remember this conversation with Hide here. We talked about digital cameras and trains, I think.

22:04:18 Rob does some comedy dancing.

22:09:54 And what do you do for a living Miss?

22:11:01 Mark generously teaching Chie the little known art of air piano.

22:12:52 Adam had missed out on the earlier round of blokes with Japanese girl shots, so we thought it prudent to fit him in at this stage.

22:13:47 Although in the second attempt, a couple of imposters appeared to creep in.

22:15:45 I think Mark had been promised another picture with the girls, but something had gone drastically wrong. Here he is cowering in shame.

22:18:30 That's not your purse surely Adam?

22:19:42 Is that a big wad of cash? What's going on here then?

22:21:52 Erina tries to imagine what life would be like if she were my right shoulder.

22:28:27 Mark has at least managed to locate one Japanese girl for a picture.

22:30:00 Is this some kind of girlfriend swapping party? What's going on?

22:30:58 Clearly some emotional turmoil has been caused.

22:31:27 Rob reacts by abandoning his pursuits for the fairer sex. Adam seems only too happy to lend assistance.

22:32:48 I'm sure there must be a name for this hobby.

22:35:39 Smart move Rob, he seems to have got two there.

22:36:55 I can't look at Mark's face in this picture without cracking up. I guess it's a bit Carry On Film esque or something. Marvellous.

22:39:22 Erina decides on a whim that Dale is no longer fit to be alive.

22:39:52 Quite arty. I quite like it.

22:40:11 I don't want to know what this is (or was).

22:40:59 Kissy kissy kissy marvellous.

22:41:34 Yes Tim, that is your hand.

22:42:08 I guess Mark is demonstrating the hand movements used in Shamanic ritual dances amongst the indigenous peoples of Papa New Guinea here.

22:42:20 Terrifying.

22:42:33 Not particularly nice either!

22:42:44 We drank all that beer.

22:43:21 A quiet word in your ear, miss.

22:50:36 Erina moving extremely quickly here it seems.

22:50:58 All looks a bit odd.

22:52:40 What is Chie explaining here? Maybe she's doing the painful hand torture thing?

22:54:06 It's a tad on the big side though...

22:56:44 Oh why do I have to take so many pictures? I have no idea what to say about them any more. Maybe there was some funny story attached to the keyring Dale is holding here?

22:57:17 Chie's chin, and neck.

22:59:47 Less of that sort of behaviour please, gentlemen.

23:03:04 I'm clearly quite unhappy about something. Maybe I'm anticipating the hours I will have to spend writing mindless comments on the hundreds of pictures taken during the course of this evening.

23:03:31 Clearly the neck eating thing from earlier is catching.

23:08:29 However, Kanako seems to have somewhat better defenses.

23:09:12 I may be trying to do an impression of Mark here, unfortunately this moment is lost because whoever was taking the picture didn't understand that it wasn't all centred around my right ear.

23:09:28 Errrr....?

23:10:13 Clearly unhappy about something! (This may have been requested for the camera's sake though).

23:10:25 Not sure if this is more poisonous monkey or stunned rabbit.

23:10:45 Maybe another attempt at an impression of Mark?

23:11:02 Errmmmmm... mime artists?

23:11:49 Clearly taken by someone with an interest in noses.

23:12:53 Still more beer on the table. WILL IT NEVER END?

23:13:23 Ermmmm....? Nope, no idea.

23:14:12 Interesting angle here though.

23:15:30 My impression of a puffer fish and Mark wondering why I bothered.

23:20:08 Nope, this did not work.

23:20:16 Leg rubbing time I think.

23:20:46 Hello gents!

23:23:01 I think Tim was engaged in a rather unsavoury topic of conversation here, you can see a slight look of disgust on Chie's face.

23:23:10 Quite what this hand gesture is for I have no idea.

23:23:50 Yes, I'm still at least semi-corporeal.

23:33:10 I'm clearly telling an hilarious story here.

23:33:18 Dale looks very regal here.

23:34:02 This may have been a failed attempt to make it look like Dale was being crushed by someone's finger.

23:34:53 More crappy plastic pint glasses.

23:37:03 Rather closer to Mark than I would like to be, thanks very much.

23:39:23 An explanation of Zen meditation principles?

23:39:36 Look, there's a comedy bloke in the background.

23:39:56 Thank god! The last picture! I'm off to the specialist to have my crippling RSI sorted now.