On Saturday, 27th May 2001, I finally decided it was time to take out my Christmas tree. A tree which had inexpiclably acquired the name Reg. I'd grown rather attached to it, and couldn't bear to see it merely discarded, so, in the absence of suitable garden space, the only option was to return it to the wild. Well, errr, Hampstead Heath. It turned out to be an oddly spiritual and uplifting experience. Well, I thought so anyway. Rob came along and took most of these pictures, plus also a brief video of me digging.

12:48:15. Walking along the entrance track to the heath.

12:48:31. Tree? What tree?

12:50:20. Nope, this doesn't look suspicous at all.

12:54:37. Nice to have Rob along for moral support (and to take the pictures!)

12:57:59. Sharing a last few special moments with the tree before releasing it into the wild.

13:00:32. Life is like a box of chocolates...

13:01:10. Down towards the tree's new home.

13:01:27. There he goes...

13:02:01. The glade carefully chosen for the tree's release.

13:02:19. Plenty of green stuff around then.

13:02:23. Hmmmm.... more green stuff.

13:03:07. Problem number one - the improvised digging device (a wooden spatula) broke almost straight away.

13:04:44. Fear not though little tree, for Uncle Rob has found a stick for John to do the digging with.

13:06:02. Rob's excuse for not helping was that he didn't want to get his trousers dirty.

13:07:53. Seems to be quite effective then, the stick.

13:10:56. And it's in the ground! And looking happier already!

13:11:27. That was surprisingly hard work!

13:13:00. Well, its time to leave it now, to make new friends and find a life for itself...

13:13:23. A surprisingly spiritual feeling, really...

13:15:38. Just got to find a bin to put the carrier bag and pot in...

13:15:41. ...then its off for lunch!!