Toshi's Room

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Late night on Thursday 25th January 2001 (or early the next morning I suppose) I was invited along to a nomikai in Toshi's room, with a number of Chie's friends.

00:13:37 Here's Kato, Yuko, and Tetsu sitting on the floor.

00:13:44 Here's Harukakun, who I believe had arrived my motorbike.

00:13:56 A very blurry picture of Toshi.

00:14:11 Hide, seemingly not drinking beer. Not sure what the problem is here.

00:15:23 Hide. I think this was the first evening I heard Tetsu called Hide "Eating Monster".

00:15:51 Kato and Tetsu watching Yuko point at something.

00:16:42 Still more or less the same thing is going on...

00:20:26 Toshi seems to have fallen asleep! Me and Chie looking daft.

00:21:59 A nice group picture, which is unfortunately a bit blurred.

00:22:34 Chie admiring Bruce Lee.

00:22:58 Tetsu appears to be resting his head in Harukakun's lap here. Hmmm.

00:24:59 I think I've fallen asleep here, and Toshi has woken up.

00:25:27 Errr.... not sure what's going on here.

00:37:52 A bit of an action shot here.

00:38:52 Kato, Yuko and Tetsu, still in the same configuration.

00:46:32 Probably a picture of Kazokun. I think this may have been the time Kato first coined the immortal phrase "Don't Don Don".

00:51:09 Tetsu seems to have removed his shirt here for some reason. I hope there weren't any ladies present!

00:52:58 Hide seems to have moved into the authority chair here.

01:27:55 Tetsu and Yuko on the stairs... I think me and Chie must have left shortly afterwards.