Tom and Sarah's Wedding

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14:05:10 Here we are in the church - Tim, Clare, Rob, Chie and you can just about see Hester and Andy on the right hand side there.

14:05:17 I just wanted to get a bit of a picture of the inside of the church. You can see the priest on the left there, and also Chris, Tom's brother, who I think was an usher or something.

14:05:29 The other side of the congregation.

14:12:47 Here comes the bride... Although you can't really see her in this picture! Doh!

14:13:12 There's Colin and little Jessica, who is utterly adorable.

14:41:19 I think the service has finished now, and we're all looking very pleased with it.

15:06:56 It was really hard to get a good picture of the happy couple, as there were so many other people with cameras in the way, as you can imagine... I'm really pleased with this one though...

15:07:00 Yes, it gets everywhere.

15:09:58 After the pleasing shot with the confetti though, I kept just missing pictures of Tom and Sarah...

15:12:02 Tom, you cheeky so and so.

15:16:16 Remember, all cars must be removed by 9am Saturday 5th April. Presumably they turn into pumpkins otherwise.

15:43:17 Chie and I had planned to get a bite to eat on the way to the wedding, but didn't have time. So here we are in a lay-by near where the reception was held, fitting in a sneaky sandwich.

15:43:31 Lovely hire car.

16:00:35 Here's me and Chie at the reception now then... There were jugs of Pimms on arrival, which was jolly nice...

16:08:34 Here follows a series of group pictures on the lawn.

16:09:02 Still weird colours seem to be creeping in here.

16:09:19 Flt Lt Lang looking very dapper indeed in his number 1s.

16:12:45 Here we are assembling for the stag night attendees picture.

16:13:02 Hmm, no I think it will need to be landscape sweetheart!

16:13:32 Well, the light wasn't really ideal...

16:13:42 Hmmm...

16:15:52 Oddly, inflatable instruments seem to have become involved...

16:16:03 Chie said this looks like a jazz band.

16:16:44 Rob and Chris engaging in a bit of a Monty Python moment here.

16:28:40 Tim, Clare, Rob and Andy all enjoying the great outdoors.

16:29:18 This is me looking thoughtful, whilst sitting on a plough. Lovely.

16:30:05 Me, Tim, and a plough. Smashing.

16:31:40 Me, Chie and a plough. I think the professional photographer came along shortly afterwards to, in his own words, take this properly. I rather like this one though, to be honest.

18:00:33 Inside now, seated for dinner. Lovely picture of Chie, Tim and Clare.

18:00:58 Also very nice picture of me and Rob, during dessert. Dinner was very nice, incidentally.

18:28:49 Tom off in the distance, making his speech.

18:47:23 I think the speeches must still be going on...

18:47:42 Rob listening attentively...

18:47:57 Errr.

19:26:47 Tom and Sarah cutting the cake. I think in fact they'd already cut it by this point, and this was just a fake one for the cameras...

19:27:18 My camera had started playing up a bit, but this one came out nicely at least...

19:38:59 Mr. and Mrs. Rowan, traditionally having the first dance... oddly I got the impression Sarah might be asking Tom if he'd left the gas on...

19:45:50 Rob telling a seemingly very amusing after dinner anecdote to Clare.

19:57:45 Ohhhh the fun we all had with helium...

19:57:50 Chris choosing a quiet moment to fill out his tax returns.

19:58:40 This was the first time I'd ever had a go with helium... Quite entertaining, it turned out.

20:09:01 Tim, not sure what he's celebrating here, but clearly very happy about it nonetheless.

20:10:10 Most of the people at our table, very fun it was too.

20:10:22 A certain amount of drinking was definitely taking place.

20:12:04 Everyone else at the table spent several minutes laughing around this time, but I have no idea what it was all about...

20:12:30 ...which does make me slightly suspect it might have been at my expense...

20:13:05 I'm rather fond of this one.

20:26:47 Tim, clearly quite shocked at one of his own photographs...

20:30:57 Ah, the inflatable instruments have infiltrated our table.

20:31:48 I'm not sure what I was trying to prove here.

20:31:54 Rob, perhaps doing a rendition of Killing Me Softly, in the club singer style.

20:32:53 Not Rob's usual instrument of choice, but he's capably demonstrating his musical agility here.

20:54:33 For some crazy reason I decided I wanted to dance quite a lot...

20:54:43 ...this is generally not a good idea where I'm concerned...

21:15:59 This is me pretending to spill drinks on an invisble tray.

21:16:11 Tim simply refuses to talk to the invisible waiter sitting next to him.

21:17:20 Rob, disappointed that the banana will not launch, no matter how much he wills it to.

21:17:33 Chie, demonstrating the well known fact that women are incapable of eating bananas in a non-suggestive fashion.

21:18:32 Me, looking the most like a primate in any picture this evening.

21:20:02 Tim, and a lot of highly flammable wood panelling.

21:20:22 Number 70, Clare eating a tomato.

21:20:30 Two more bottles of red please, garcon.

21:20:49 Clare still eating a tomato.

21:28:21 It's good to see the old national pastime of pointing has not completely died out.

21:28:45 Funny, I don't recall YMCA being played...

21:33:16 Tim practices some sort of martial art, whilst I inadvertantly attack myself with an inflatable microphone.

21:50:19 Rob and Chie seem to genuinely believe Clare's story about the time she stole a battenberg cake from Ringo Starr.

21:50:25 Andy, Hester and far more wood than I had intended to include in this photograph.

21:53:35 Clare signs the wedding book thingy. Not sure what you call these, but it was a very nice idea.

21:53:59 ...and it wasn't just one Battenberg either you know...

21:56:50 ...He used to own a gorilla outfit and a collection of antique ketchup bottles...

21:57:20 This may be a test as to whether or not I am of Roman descent. I don't think this traditionally involves a glass with gin and tonic in though.

22:46:48 Good evening Mr. Lang, how the devil are you?

22:47:04 I am somehow reminded of the Munsters.

22:51:44 Yes, that's me and Tom, at his wedding, lying on the floor with inflatable guitars.

22:51:55 You could have someone's eye out with that!

22:52:34 The inflatable guitars only seemed to gain in popularity as the night went on.

22:54:57 They are now searching for an inflatable amp to smash up I believe...

22:55:08 Ok that's enough!

22:55:20 Tom sliding along the floor... I hope that suit wasn't rented.

22:56:21 At this point we were getting a bit tired, and everyone on our table was starting to think about making a move.

23:05:13 The happy couple, just before we left. I really like this picture. Every possible best wish for a long and happy marriage to you both!