Tim and Clare's Wedding

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My pictures from Tim and Clare's Wedding, Saturday July 6th 2002.

11:16:53 Tim and Carl both looking a tiny bit nervous (or maybe it was all a big front).

11:17:57 Certainly most of the menfolk seem to be here already.

11:18:01 Yep, there's lots of blokes.

11:18:24 Same blokes, different angle.

11:18:59 ...and again...

11:22:31 Look! Some women!

11:23:05 Mmmmmm bridesmaids.

11:23:15 Bridesmaids etc. milling about a bit.

11:26:02 Inside the church.

11:34:57 There's our 'Mary in case you'd forgotten it was a catholic church.

11:36:50 In come some bridesmaids, and look, in the door way, the bride.

11:37:07 Yep, at least one of these people is definitely the bride.

12:42:33 What respectable gentlemen.

12:55:49 After the cermony. An unavoiable groom and young pageboy shot. "One day son..."

12:56:01 Tom looking very professional (I can't help but worry about grass stains though).

12:56:49 No, no, he's not theirs.

12:56:55 An early assault of confetti.

12:57:32 There's the standard lucky horseshoe.

12:57:36 Lovely!

12:58:04 Lots of general oohing and aaahing, and well dones and so on.

13:00:32 I probably didn't need as many of these setting up shots.

13:01:00 Mostly done then.

13:01:17 It's good that some of the subjects are looking away here, it's more arty. No, really.

13:01:24 Zoomed in, but at the cost of Kev's arm. Sorry mate.

13:02:39 An unconventional side-on shot. This has nothing to do with the professional photographer chap telling me to move.

13:03:01 Same thing again.

13:03:27 Hmmmm...

13:04:56 And now for one with the bride's mother...

13:05:51 Even close-up they're all smiling.

13:06:37 Hmmm the colour went a bit funny here. Maybe provoked by the introduction of a bridesmaid.

13:07:20 I wonder if the chap on the left hand side's tie was deliberately co-ordinated with the bridesmaids dresses. Or perhaps he turned up without a tie, and a cunning seamstress jury rigged him one from a spare bit of skirt.

13:07:48 Lurvely.

13:09:34 Thought it might be nice to get the chruch in as well.

13:10:13 Look. It's me! In fact, even my shirt/tie seem to be matched fairly well with the bridesmaids.

13:16:22 Tim's family plus the happy couple.

13:16:36 The same a bit closer.

13:16:46 ...and closer still...

13:34:17 Tim seems to be taking it very seriously at this point.

13:34:36 Clearly the photographer is issuing complex instructions at this time.

13:34:41 I'm really rather pleased with this one. Marvellous!

13:34:45 Let's hope it's all biodegradable...

13:35:36 It's an established fact that a number of marriages amongst railway workers have used Didcots (the little bits they clip out of your tickets) as confetti.

13:35:47 Small boy does a marvellous job cleaning up.

13:36:49 Superb picture of the Hastings brothers.

13:37:04 There they are again...

13:37:20 ...and again, in lanscape.

13:39:09 The Reading lot, including myself, albeit somewhat obscured by wedding dress.

13:41:02 Boys. Smashing.

13:42:52 Everyone looked on enviously at the champagne here. Churches would do so much better if they all had bars attached.

13:42:59 Lovely old car too.

13:43:03 The same again.

13:43:36 I don't think they'd yet realised they were actually supposed to be drinking it.

13:43:45 Clearly it sunk in eventually.

13:44:27 The driver, plus a line of bridesmaids.

13:44:31 Does anyone know the collective noun for bridesmaids?

13:46:22 Here's me messing about with the colour adjustment on my camera.

13:46:34 And again. Good if you like blues and greys.

13:47:34 The car again.

13:47:51 Right, it looks like they're off....?

13:48:03 There they go. Ah, no, my mistake, the driver hasn't got in yet.

13:49:18 Lovely.

13:52:21 Yep they're definitely going now.