Tim, Jonand Me
Tuesday 23rd January 2001 - Tim was working at Microsoft for a week, so as myself, Tim and Jon hadn't seen each other for about a year and a half, we thought we'd all convene on Reading at the same time and meet up.

17:36 - Jon picking me up in his shiny new car outside Swindon station (oddly).

19:27 - Tim lounging around in his hotel room in Reading.

19:28 - Jon enjoying the contrast he is making with the wallpaper.

19:31 - And if you want to see more, write, enclosing a cheque for 62.59 to...

19:31 - Errr... bit of a lighting issue.

19:31 - Looks a bit seedy doesn't it?

21:24 - Here in Pizza Hut after a quick business dinner involving a complicated bill splitting issue.

21:39 - ...and naturally onto the Iguana.

21:39 - High level executive decisions being made here, honest.

21:39 - The spectacular Mr. Ellis.

21:40 - A pensive Mr. Hawkins.

21:40 - A bit of an Aha! (not the band) moment.

22:25 - Chie arrives now, who appears to have no mid-section whatsoever. Worrying, really.

22:26 - Blurriness in full force here.

22:26 - I'm looking moronic inexplicably.

22:27 - At least two thirds of this picture is nice...

22:27 - The three directors - nice!

22:29 - The perils of asking someone you don't know to take a picture with your camera.

22:30 - Clearly what cropping was invented for.

22:31 - The camera compensated for us standing up in this second attempt by aiming even higher. Yea, thanks.