Dinner with Tecchan, Hide and Mikiokun

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On Sunday 18th August 2002, At the end of Chie's visit to England (she was working in Japan at the time), possibly the night before going back in fact, she just had time to squeeze in a meal with some of her friends.

19:48:01 To kick off the evening, we stopped off at my flat first for a glass of nice cold sake. From left to right, Hide, Mikiokun, Chie and Techan.

19:48:46 And again, from left to right, Hide, Mikiokun, Chie and me.

19:49:18 Just me and Chie then. Next stop, the pub!

20:39:57 Out the back of the lovely Cross Keys, Hide and Chie waiting for the dinner to arrive.

20:40:16 Mikiokun and Tecchan being expertly Japanese.

20:40:30 Hide, Chie and me.

21:13:29 Aha! Our meals must have arrived then!

22:44:38 I guess this was after we ate, and it was starting to get a bit cold, so we moved inside. Nicely taken, Hide!