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Monday 30th - Tuesday 31st August 1999. A few pictures taken in and around Stirling, where I'd been at a conference inbetween Reading Festival, and my trip to Edinburgh with Vera.

Monday 10:59 That lovely patchwork effect, taken from the plane of course.

Monday 10:59 I think this may have been my first time to fly anywhere since having a digital camera...

Monday 11:00 naturally I was trying to get as many pictures as possible!

Monday 11:01 Yes, definitely very snap happy.

Monday 11:01 ...and still.

Monday 11:03 Not particularly sure where this is though...

Monday 11:08 ...could be England, or could be Scotland.

Monday 11:12 I guess I could probably work it out if I could remember what time my flight was...

Monday 11:24 Nice bit of sky here.

Monday 11:25 ...and again.

Monday 11:26 Always nice to reassure yourself the wing is still there.

Monday 11:46 I think this is on the approach to Edinburgh airport now...

Monday 11:47 Yep, that lump over there looks familiar.

Monday 11:48 Pretty sure this is Edinburgh.

Tuesday 15:26 On the second day of the conference, in the afternoon, we had a coach tour of the highlands, including a trip to the Glenturret distillery. This here is the statue of the famous Towser the cat.

Tuesday 15:26 I think I was rather fond of this sign here, which I've since seen in lots of other distilleries. Quiet please - whisky sleeping!

Tuesday 15:27 The Glenturret whisky distillery.

Tuesday 15:53 Some loch or other, somewhere on our coach tour.

Tuesday 15:53 That loch again.

Tuesday 15:59 Another bit of the highlands...

Tuesday 16:17 This here is supposed to be Rob Roy MacGregor's grave.

Tuesday 16:21 A nice spot for a photo, in the grounds of the church...

Tuesday 16:23 ...unfortunately we were a bit too far away!

Tuesday 16:23 A very pleasant spot indeed.

Tuesday 16:27 More of the graveyard. Not sure what the point of this picture is though!

Tuesday 16:28 That grave again.

Tuesday 17:05 Back on the coach I guess, and more pictures of the highlands.

Tuesday 17:35 ...and again.

Tuesday 20:14 Having been very busy the last few days, I had a lot of laundry to catch up on, so here's a picture of one of the tumble dryers provided by Stirling University.

Tuesday 20:18 Mark and Zena waiting patiently for me to do my laundry.

Tuesday 20:19 Me, sitting on a dryer (or maybe washing machine).

Tuesday 20:19 ...the same thing again. I'm sure this wasn't allowed - there were so many notices about one of them must have been telling you not to sit on the tops of the machines.

Tuesday 20:22 Joined by Zena here too.

Tuesday 22:36 One of Stirling University's bars. Very deserted this time of year!

Tuesday 23:05 Somewhere or other in the university, some kind of folk dancing thing seemed to be taking place. I managed to capture a sound sample to go with this too.

Tuesday 23:24 More dancing seems to be occurring. Strange picture to end on. The next day I went on to meet up with Vera in Edinburgh.