St. David's Hall

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Friday 1st February. Me, Chie, and a few of the usual Social Room 9 occupants sitting around and drinking, basically.

23:16:00 Here's Chie in full drinking mode, looking a bit red in the face. I guess this is green tea in one hand, and Kahlua in the other.

23:20:10 From left to right we have Erina, Kanako, Yoshimi, (Matsuno) Junchan and me. Junchan here is holding a bottle of some kind of oriental liqueur, which I vaguely recall not liking very much.

23:23:28 Erina, part way through some intricate operation with what looks like a brush and half a potato.

00:15:08 One of the less pleasant among the many pictures of me and Chie - we both look pretty trousered.

00:20:47 Very interesting ensemble here - I like it.

00:31:06 Kanako eats Marmite.

00:59:10 Erina and Kanako, for some reason proudly displaying her instant camera.