Dinner at St. David's

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Food, drink and wonderful hospitality from the St. David's Hall residents in social room 9. Taken Monday 8th April 2002.

21:26:44 Tetsu, Kanako, Yuko and Mariyechan all very politely enjoying the soup I'd made.

22:15:50 Eroken, Hide (with celery) and Tetsu drinking stubbies.

22:34:55 Hide getting technical with a bottle.

22:41:20 Yuko and Mariye drinking something strange looking.

22:47:43 I think this is the bottle of the odd stuff Yuko and Mariye were drinking, being carefully analysed by Hide and Tetsu.

23:21:44 Eroken, Tetsu, Hide and Chiharu's friend (whose name I've embarassingly forgotten) cooling off by the window.

23:22:10 Me pretending to smoke for shock value.

23:56:05 Chiharu had popped in as (I think) Hide was giving her a hand to move some of her stuff.

00:58:41 Hide, peeling fruit.7

00:58:53 Kanako with what looks like the inner bit from a kitchen roll.

01:06:15 Few things fill me with joy more than a table (or in this case two tables) filled with alcohol.

01:06:33 We seemed to have a bit of a photo shoot going here.

01:07:00 Yuko seems to be falling asleep here.

01:08:17 You couldn't have scripted it...

01:26:02 Outside St. David's. Not sure what I was trying to get a picture of.

01:27:45 Hideo and Testsu showing washing up can be fun.

01:52:47 Time for a couple more group pictures, and some boxes seem to have appeared (I think Kanako might have been packing up her stuff)...

01:53:16 Lovely! I must have been about to leave, as I'm now wearing my jacket... Oyasumi nassai!