Cooking in St. David's

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Saturday 5th January 2002. An evening spent mostly cooking in the wonderful Social Room 9 of St. David's Hall.

15:53:36 Here's Chie and Kanako, on our way to Tesco.

15:53:47 You can tell it's winter - not even four o' clock and already its dark.

15:54:36 Not sure why I decided it necessary to take a picture of the Fisherman's Cottage.

15:54:56 The bridge again.

17:46:29 Back in St. David's, after returning from Tesco. Seemingly Kanako bought Weetabix.

17:46:48 Chie hiding one of her purchases by holding it ought of shot.

18:10:39 Chie had dared me to go and take a picture of the bloke in Costcutter (AKA the Murco Garage) across the road. I didn't disappoint.

18:32:55 Me and Kanako doing Kampai!

18:52:37 Chie eating what looks like a kind of mashed potato thing.

19:13:10 Chie doing some cooking.

19:15:41 Chie drinking Australian beer.

19:50:04 Me staring through what might be a cardboard tube.

19:50:41 Me looking a bit bored.

19:52:35 Chie and a nice pepper mill, a present from my very generous brother.

19:53:16 Chie, perhaps describing the shape of a spider she'd seen.

19:53:19 ...or maybe just picking at her fingernails.

20:01:36 Chie being a bit odd.

20:03:02 The classic chopstick in eye picture - a slight variation here as both copsticks are in one eye, rather than one in either eye.

20:03:37 Kanako drinking soup.

20:04:50 Look! It's Junchan, who seemingly has found chopping these carrots highly amusing!

20:07:20 Kanako also found this funny, it seems.

20:20:42 Or perhaps they were just laughing at this sticker on Chie's back.

20:21:38 A wide shot detailing the sheer luxury that was social room 9.

20:25:37 Junchan and Chie gathering round to look at Kanako's knife.

20:38:00 Errr, Chie's arm seems to be in the way.

20:38:09 Nope, not sure of the point of it even when there isn't an arm in the way.

20:38:17 Chie, with what appears to be a bag of loose leaf tea.

21:04:52 Kanako really giving it some elbow.

21:07:11 All three girls busy cooking.

21:07:15 ...whereas I think I was just sitting back and drinking.

21:33:32 Kanako either putting the cake in, or taking it out.

21:33:56 Junchan eating soup, perhaps, whilst Chie looks at something on the floor in the foreground, and look, Hiroshi is over there in the background too.

21:34:02 An interesting bit of composition.

21:46:12 Chie and Junchan.

21:46:52 Hiromu and Hiroshi have joined us in the kitchen now.

21:55:57 I think this must be in Chie's room - a rather moronic picture of me.

22:12:38 Chie attempting to pick up coins with her chopsticks.

22:30:29 Kanako's finished cake.

22:30:40 Very nice it was too.

22:32:57 Chie seems to agree.

23:05:12 However, it seemed like they were going to make another one afterwards!

23:05:15 I wonder if the phrase "too many cooks spoil the broth" is applicable here.

23:05:19 Nice picture to end on, although Kanako looks a bit grumpy.