Drinking in St. David's Hall

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A few pictures of some random drinking in the famous Social Room 9 of St. David's Hall. Taken Sunday 10th March 2002. Those were the days...

22:57:07 Two Junchans. One Konno and the other Matsuno.

22:57:45 Matsuno Junchan and Hiromu.

22:58:13 A drunkish looking (and thankfully slightly blurred) Chie and John.

22:59:25 Still drunk, still blurred.

23:03:51 A rare endorsement for Carling from the Japanese.

23:06:44 I like Hiromu's habit of picking up the nearest thing to her and showing it to the camera when having her picture taken.

23:07:47 Me in the middle this time. Hiromu doing her Norman Conquest pose.

23:08:57 Bamboo filters also make very fetching hats it seems.