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Right, so to explain, this was the second party at Stanhope Road (Mark, Anthony, Muriel and Sam's house), which occured on Friday 26th May 2000. The theme was along the lines of anyone influential from the last 2000 years, which made it just about as broad as possible really. These pictures were taken mostly by John (that's me that is), although other drunken guest photographers may have taken some of the crapper ones. I didn't get there until after 11, due to being crap and disorganised. I stayed until about 4 (apparently), at which point the party had pretty much finished (again, apparently), but after 3 I was way too drunk to take pictures or do just about anything else really, come to think of it.

23:23:10 This is a picture of Rob groveling!

23:28:58 Byrnie AKA Sir Isaac Newton. Get it? This pose is meant to be "on the verge of something momentous". There is a double joke here and it's extremely sad.

23:29:22 Dale as Jean-Paul Sartre, pondering existensialism on Mark's sofa.

23:30:50 Antony as James Bond (?). Not too sure of the antler relevance.

23:31:49 Mark is Kevin Warwick, looking pretty lethargic here. He is in fact already quite rascally drunk.

23:32:13 Rob is Biggles!

23:32:21 Ben is, errr, some pirate bloke. Not too sure which one though.

23:32:40 Kanako (a samurai) fixes Biggle's costume in an unfamiliar example of co-operation between Britain and Japan's armed forces.

23:33:51 I doubt anyone really wants to see this!

23:34:30 A rather unconvincing John Lennon (Lemon?), and a slightly more convincing Yoko Ono. Note the sign on John's shirt. This also contains the phrase "I am John Lennon" in Japanese, although it was later questioned as to whether or not that was what it actually said. Apparently in Japan there are well over 50 different Kanji meaning English people are stupid and gullible.

23:35:05 John Lennon and Kevin Warwick, both of whom have had unwanted metal objects in them at some point in their career. (sorry).

23:37:55 Sir Isaac Newton ponders with a subtle feeling of guilt whether or not everyone will work out that the whole gravity thing was just a daft laugh.

23:38:13 John and Aki (apparently a famous Japanese writer).

23:40:24 Samdiana Jones (hmmm haven't we seen that hat before) and Clare, errr, just Clare really.

23:44:34 Coralie removes something red and alcoholic from the front of her toga. She is someone famous, greek, and therefore probably dead.

23:49:26 Chie and Aki find something out of shot quite amusing.

23:50:13 Dancing seems to be occuring here.

23:50:52 Farewell, my concubines...(?!)

23:51:37 John shows his love for existentialism in a very real and tangible way.

23:55:17 Ben has a bearded parrot on his shoulder. No news there then.

00:06:53 Jim and Mark demonstrate mutual repulsion.

00:10:52 Byrnie appears to have cast away the trappings of one of history's greatest minds by this point.

00:14:26 Raising the question, if Kevin Warwick were a pirate, what would he be called?

00:15:31 John in a throwback to the Yellow submarine days.

00:16:00 Kanako scares us all into not wanting to wear the pirate hat any more.

00:16:49 A bit dark here isn't it?

00:18:08 Tooo.... much... symbolism...

00:21:31 Must be during some dance or something.

00:22:38 In a freak accident, Kanako's cheek collides with Rob's mouth, simoultaneously with the camera being pointed in their general direction.

00:23:18 Kanako reassuring us that kamikaze culture is alive and well in Japan.

00:27:48 Long John Plato, the little known philosopher-pirate.

00:27:58 Proof that Rob is the bad angel on Ben's shoulder.

00:28:07 Coralie compares the merits of a flexible versus the more conventional fixed rate mortgage.

00:28:27 Just to clarify, Mark in now way looks camp in this picture. Oh no.

00:28:40 Chiesan!

00:28:45 Erina pretends to listen as Kanako plays her imaginary instrument.

00:28:54 Rob gives us a glance that we must all surely find very seductive. If only we were all rhinos.

00:29:00 Akisan! Adamsan! Dangui!

00:29:08 Iiiiiiittttttttt'sssssss GRAHAM!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

00:29:14 Mark's party, sponspored by Stella Artois.

00:29:21 Widespread shock and dismay as Mark finally admits he is Bish's secret lovechild.

00:29:36 ...although apparently Mae new all along.

00:29:59 Amazing how well John seems to have hidden his overwhelming fear in this picture.

00:30:53 A chance sighting of Shabs.

00:31:08 Here is Mikaela (dunno how to spell it, in fact not even 100% sure that was really her name!). She is from Sweden. There will now be a short break during which thigh rubbing may commence.

00:31:40 James Bond in the unseen welding scene from the Spy Who Loved Me.

00:31:44 Sam, Chris, Clare and Shabs listen to, erm, something, or other. And stuff.

00:31:47 Hmmmm... whose lower torso is this? Answers on a postcard...

00:31:50 I think Mark was responsible for this picture. Mental note, must show him where the viewfinder is.

00:37:56 This here is the second picture in which Graham appears, and boy is it a classic. Here the man himself appears with his good lady Muriel sharing an affectionate glance reminscent of the ambience created in Clarence Bjornson's last novel "An Affair and a Shoehorn". May I add this is one of the greatest works of the 19th century and heavily underrated as such. I blame that bloody Jane Austen. Anyway, Graham here is really on top form.

00:38:41 Mark tries to cast away his earlier image of campness by holding a gun and looking threatening. Nice try Marky.

00:39:03 This appears to be a section of Dale's trousers. Now where did I put that brass rubbing?

00:39:17 John is very probably singing an Irish folk song here.

00:40:07 John during a game of Whose Lap is it Anyway?

00:40:27 Dale wonders if one day he might have a neck just like Kanako's.

00:41:44 Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

00:42:01 16 seconds later and the novelty seems to have worn off.

00:42:35 Nope, the sword's not going to help either.

00:43:04 Mark practises telekinesis with rather disappointing results...

00:43:12 ...which oddly seems to provoke a bout of rage from John.

00:43:29 Must... avoid... helmet... jokes...

00:45:16 Fantastic! Can't really tell if we're meant to be drinking or heralding the arrival of a viking maiden...

00:45:24 It just doesn't quite add up...

00:50:22 Mr Werry in drinking beer shocker!

00:53:00 Just for a change, here's a picture of Kanako attacking Rob.

00:54:01 Sofa space was somewhat limited...

00:54:57 Here's Graham picture number 3! Yaaaaaaaaaay! He was somewhat reluctant to sit on Chie and Erina, but they seemed so keen on the idea he felt it impolite to refuse.

01:01:00 Strange how the addition of Rob into this picture makes John and Chie look more attractive.

01:03:08 What can I say...?

01:31:46 Kevin Warwick seems unimpressed by the new unintrusive implant strategy.

01:32:49 The fourth and (sadly) final picture of Graham! What a corker! Mind you he does look a bit like a wax figure here. Mental note, ring up Madame Tussauds and get that arranged.

01:34:09 Iain looks a bit dodgy here. Has he been up to mischief?

01:36:27 That has to hurt, surely.

01:36:46 Look at Ben calling over in the general direction of the camera. Aaahhhh...

01:37:50 More dancing seems to be occurring here.

01:43:41 The annual meeting of the side parting convention was another raging success this year.

01:48:21 Now, now, there's a time and a place for that sort of thing.

01:49:48 Awwwww.... innit sweet?

01:51:23 Strange how lots of men want their picture taken with the sewdish woman. Hmmmm...

01:54:28 Whoever took this picture must have felt heavily threatened. Here we also see a rare picture of Lisa.

01:56:13 Dale and John, showing themselves to be the seventies rascals we always knew they were. Erm.

01:58:01 Kanako admits her love for dressing up in old men's clothing.

02:08:29 Now there isn't a time or a place for this sort of thing.

02:10:44 Hmmmm... I think this must be Muriel's bed.

02:12:47 Get off me!

02:25:39 Deep upset at ermmm...errrr... something or other.

02:36:58 Byrnie's ability to confuse becomes astronomical.

02:37:55 Marky, Marky, Marky, Marky.

02:43:49 Perhaps the only Stella drinking parrot the world has ever seen...

02:44:17 John could almost be mistaken for looking sober here. Don't be fooled.

02:44:25 Not unlike a scene from The Man With the Golden Gun.

02:44:32 Not unlike a scene from... ermmm... errr.... oh look, kittens.

02:56:58 Mark gives everyone a short safety talk on the potential dangers of pipe insulator.

02:57:25 Chie considers the drunken Mr Hawkins no longer worthy of living, so attempts to suffocate him.

02:57:37 Oh, you know, that bit in Never Say Never Again, with the french karate expert in the ice cream factory. Remember?