Stanhope Halloween

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These are the pictures, taken by John, of the Halloween party at Stanhope Road on October 30th (yea OK so it was a day early) 1999. Many of these pictures are just plain out of order and may offend. Sorry, and all that. Some of them include terrible photographic skills. Plus you may notice this site isn't too over the top on its presentation. Well I was trying to get it done as fast as possible. If it isn't obvious, clicking on the little images will show you a full size version, although in some cases this is not advisable, especially if you are of a nervous disposition.

20:25:09 You'll feel that in the morning.

20:48:23 Welcome to Stanhope Road.

20:49:31 Exactly who would live in a house like this?

21:05:59 John (me) and Rob, looking mean and mauled respectively.

21:11:23 So this here is Mark then.

21:13:45 ...and of course we have Dale.

21:16:38 Oh no, I've broken it! Whatever it is.

21:22:05 Errrr.... I think this game involved picking up cardboard boxes with your mouth. I never really quite understood the dynamics of it.

21:22:59 Introducing... Justin's arse.

21:25:18 You can tell a lot about a house from the radiator taps.

21:29:20 Here comes Byrnie. He's blue ba ba dee ba ba doo ba da ba dee ba ba doo ba ba dee ba da doo... etc.

21:30:59 There's Yeti then, a walking advert for Oil of Ulay (or should I say Olay nowadays?).

21:34:25 Recent research shows that corkscrew injuries are on the increase.

21:38:21 Ermmmm....

21:41:03 This is random bloke.

21:43:32 Just look at that detail. Yep, even his hands are blue, ba da ba bee ba ba do etc.

21:54:57 Byrnie demonstrates his subtle ability to blend in with his surroundings.

21:56:12 I have no idea of the significance of this whatsoever.

21:58:46 Here is Freddy (in the mask), and his girlfriend, Marie-Clauge (from Luxembourg!).

22:05:20 Some kind of lighting problem must have occurred here.

22:14:48 Mark and Justin enjoy their own private vicars and tarts party.

22:16:22 A bit of mutual recursion.

22:19:22 Some funny game involving walking along with cans or something.

22:20:20 Mark demonstrated how the good book can help in almost any situation.

22:22:40 Further crimes are comitted against photography.

22:24:20 Mark is still on all fours. Erm.

22:32:24 My. Those shoes look comfortable.

22:38:00 Ben talks to a girl with an alarming facial hair problem about cavity wall insulation.

22:46:47 Mark takes his priestly duties a little too far.

22:47:39 Too.... many... names... Errr Rob, with, errrr, some girl.

22:47:54 Now, now, less of this sort of thing.

22:48:48 This, sunshine, is frankly not on. However, closer inspection will reveal that this picture is in fact totally innocent, as I in fact have a pair of scissors in my hand and am simply trying to remove a loose thread.

22:51:25 Quickly the throng degenerates into a conversation about mytocondrial DNA.

22:55:27 Yes, seating space was limited.

22:56:49 What an interesting array of facial expressions.

22:57:34 Please pause here to appreciate how nice my trousers are.

23:00:03 Edith! I've found another dead bishop on the landing.

23:00:22 Rob fails to appreciate this rather touching scene.

23:01:24 Just because you're sitting (or lying) down, doesn't mean you can't dance. Conversely, just because you're standing up, doesn't mean you can either.

23:01:55 John ponders underfelting.

23:02:13 Dale wonders whether or not the ego really does posit itself.

23:03:20 This, also, is frankly just not on.

23:04:00 Mark exacts the full wrath of the lord.

23:10:01 This may well have been taken during the time warp.

23:10:09 ...and this one...

23:10:17 ...and this one.

23:13:29 This is probably a different song.

23:17:06 Wossername gets all "beard" up. D'you get it? Beard up. You know, like beered up, only using the word beard instead..? I'll get me coat.

23:17:54 Dale demonstrates the easy access flaps that come as a standard feature of all tweed jackets.

23:18:46 Extreme close up of Mark's chin/nose. Hmmm.... Dale has white face make-up doesn't he???

23:24:11 I'm ravin, I'm ravin, wooop woop etc.

23:26:51 Number 52, the strange facial expression.

23:28:01 Oh is this really necessary?

23:29:35 Oh Yeti, did you fall asleep on the hob again? Tsk, tsk.

23:29:51 A moment of confusion arises.

23:30:44 John demosntrates sternness. Note position of hands.

23:31:17 John demonstrates glee. Note again position of hands.

23:31:49 Thingymerjig (Marie-Clauge) does her sour face...

23:32:00 ...errr, so this is the happy face then! Given this simple foolproof guide, no-one ever has an excuse to frown again.

23:48:10 Some kind of hat exchange process has begun.

23:49:02 Go marky, go marky, go marky...

23:49:31 Funky parson mark shakes his clergified ass to those groovy tunes. Erm.

23:50:25 Yes, it's Indiana Gasson.

23:50:38 Hmmm, the ability of the hat to instantly transform people into an Indiana Jones lookalike seems to have floundered.

23:50:57 Is it just lighting, or a sudden rash?

23:52:27 And I thought there was a DJ under that table.

23:54:55 The much awaited picture number 67!! Erm.

23:58:52 Here are some people, and they're like, er, dancing and that.

00:04:09 ...and limbo thingy breaks out, using an inflatable broom (of course).

00:04:33 Yeti appears somewhat unsuccessful.

00:08:00 Oooh look theres Dwain too. Byrnie's attempt to swear fails due to camouflage.

00:09:24 Someone's not been using fairy liquid then. That would be Ben then.

00:11:00 Muriel does her best smile for the camera.

00:14:32 Muriel looking much better than the last one.

00:32:38 Unknown terrorist spotted.

00:33:05 Kissy kissy kissy.

00:33:42 So Mr Gasson, just what HAVE you and Dale been up to?

00:33:45 Here's Dwain, and it looks like he's brought his tongue with him.

00:35:33 "Yes, but on the other hand non-secular matters are often seen more clearly in an ecumenical light."

00:36:37 Group photo I don't remember taking. Maybe because I'm in it.

00:38:20 Step away from that huge, grotesque, hairy thing... Yeti.

01:02:32 Where's Byrnie?

01:02:36 Dale kisses it better.... and contracts hepetitus B.

01:05:28 Another killer facial expression from Muriel. We love it!

01:20:50 One of these is not a real woman. Answers on a postcard to... E.F. Lutt, c/o Mr N. P. Sewerage, 12, Rupey Gardens, Hounslow.

01:21:48 Father Gasson explains the evils of drinking (by demonstration).

01:23:26 Suddenly the ear glueing joke doesn't seem so funny.

01:24:53 Rob and Justin camp it up.

01:27:13 Rob extolls the virtues of having a serious head injury. Dale considers giving him another one.

01:31:29 Sadly, Father Gasson passed away several minutes before this picture was taken. But it's what he would have wanted.

01:33:31 He's just a sweet transvestite...

01:38:46 Flagrant lesbian floorshow.

01:46:12 Sam makes use of Gasson's rigormortis.

02:07:25 Here we see Rob with A-can-of-coke. (That is her name, honest).

02:08:05 A quiet word in wereworlf girl's ear.

02:08:30 No thanks, I don't particularly want to see it.

02:14:37 A failed attempt at getting an overhead view of the party. Mental note, buy a camera with a zoom lens.

02:27:55 It's gone a bit dark again.

02:39:13 This picture isn't actually badly composed and off centre, its just Byrnie has taken his shirt off.

02:46:28 Interesting mixture of facial expressions (again).

02:58:45 Mark seems to be making a miraculous recovery...

03:02:36 ...but just when he looked on the brink of a full come back, the grim reaper grasped his icy fingers around his limp neck once more. Errr.

03:03:38 Aha! He really is not quite dead.

03:11:09 Muriel and Ben doing something or other that has been lost in the mists of time.

03:12:44 Justin and Rob sing Korn songs in their own inimitable fashion.

03:31:50 Everyone gets together in the kitchen as the party draws to a close...

03:35:03 Byeeeee!!!