Softel Christmas Party 1999 - Brugges

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Two nights away in Brugges for Softel's annual Christmas party.

Friday 21:45:26
In the hotel Sofitel (!) not long after arriving, a buffet was laid on.

Friday 21:47:12
...a bit less blurry.

Saturday 00:57:16
Later on that night, in a bar across the square from the hotel.

Saturday 00:58:37
Interesting, as I write (in 2003), only the people on the left hand side of this picture are still with the company.

Saturday 01:20:31
Another bar, just around the corner, after the previous one decided to close.

Saturday 01:21:33
There's me in the same picture.

Saturday 01:23:42
Hazel, a beaming Kevin, and a drunk/very tired looking Anthony.

Saturday 01:25:45
Chris' girlfriend (whose name I've forgotten), Chris and Matt. All have left the company now!

Saturday 01:34:29
Errr, me.

Saturday 01:38:23
I look like I'm suffering from shell shock or something here.

Saturday 01:39:05
A tired woman.

Saturday 01:41:46
Some people's arms.

Saturday 01:42:11
Kevin and Anthony.

Saturday 01:42:40
Very conspiratorial whispering going on here.

Saturday 01:44:21
Chris. Nice to see sensible shaped pint glasses as well. On reflection, we may have been in an English bar.

Saturday 01:46:55
Anthony looking a bit yellowy, oddly.

Saturday 02:05:35
People, beer, again.

Saturday 02:11:09
Defacing Belgian currency.

Saturday 02:19:27
Possibly people are motioning to leave.

Saturday 13:52:02
Next day. Some building in Brugges.

Saturday 13:52:49
Some other building. It was a grey and miserable day, and I really didn't have much enthusiasm!

Saturday 13:55:44
Errrr....? A painting maybe?

Saturday 14:03:16
A canal.

Saturday 14:04:20
A nice tree.

Saturday 14:06:39
A sculpture of lots of things in a sort of bucket.

Saturday 14:11:43
Gloomy looking building number 26.

Saturday 14:35:32
Something or other.

Saturday 19:21:16
At the main meal of the weekend now. Everyone else had dressed smart, apart from me basically. Never mind. This may have been just after Duncan's wife's traditional slip-up, where she makes some insensitive remark based on the fact that my date for the weekend isn't the same as last year.

Saturday 19:22:48
Errr, too dark to tell.

Saturday 19:58:10
Duncan and Alison, clearly labelling themselves.

Saturday 21:20:31
The other end of our table - Sam's wife (?), Mike, Beth and Jill.

Saturday 21:21:04
Another table.

Saturday 21:21:22
Another other table.

Saturday 21:22:28
Russ, proudly fulfilling his role as the clown of the proceedings.

Saturday 21:22:52

Saturday 21:24:24
George fiddling with something or other, part way through making a speech.

Saturday 21:51:43
Russ seems to be wearing an apron here.

Saturday 21:54:00

Saturday 22:06:33
Nicely done Russ.