A Weekend WithSimon

The weekend of the 3rd and 4th March 2001 Simon, Stan and Susanna all came to London to visit me, which was jolly nice. Here's the pictures.

15:14 - Here's Susanna and Simon in Cafe Pacifico, near Covent Garden.

15:14 - Just Simon, you cheeky so and so.

15:14 - Stan, who, from looking back through the pictures, seems to have worn this jacket throughout the weekend. I suppose London is "up north" from his point of view...

15:15 - John and Chie, a bit blurred.

15:15 - Niiice! Simon and Stan, who I ought to point out is actually called Darren really.

15:16 - Oh, action shot or something? Maybe Chie is deliberately obscuring the camera...?

15:17 - Susanna here examining, errr, something or other.

15:19 - Simon enjoying the delightful beverage that is Corona.

15:30 - Simon tucking into his food, which was jolly nice.

16:58 - After lunch, a standard touristy picture taken on Picadilly Circus (as though you needed telling).

18:42 - Here's a (badly lit) picture of Simon and Susanna in the social.

18:43 - In The Social again, still not got the lighting right, but was a bit reluctant to use the flash for fear of irritating people.

23:44 - Much later on, nearing bedtime back in my flat.

23:45 - That dark looming figure is Susanna, I think.

23:45 - Hmmm something strange going on with the lighting here - sort it out!

23:45 - Still a bit more blue-ish than is ideal...

23:45 - Ah, seem to have sorted it out now.

23:47 - Here's Stan's bed for the night. The luxury is unparalleled.

23:48 - Simon and John enjoying the sofa bed. Ahem.

23:49 - Strangely there were fairy lights all over my CD player.

23:59 - Susanna is looking tired!

00:00 - Hmmm...

12:17 - Next morning, and here's Simon, persuaded by Pops, changing his return coach to a later time.

12:17 - He was on hold for a while...

12:17 - Nice! Pops popping (oh dear) in for a visit.

12:18 - ...whilst Simon appears to still be on the phone.

12:28 - Stan takes over while Simon pays a visit to the facilities.

12:36 - Susanna taking the opportunity to learn some Japanese.

12:43 - Outside my flat, the guys (plus girl) line up oddly for a contrived picture.... hmmmm loojks like Pops is trying to hide!

12:44 - Much better - I like it!

12:44 - Simon presenting the rubbish bins, in a way probably only Simon could.

12:49 - In the Roebuck, just around the corner, waiting for Sunday Lunch.

12:50 - John rarely getting a picture of himself taken.

12:52 - Simon needlessly took a picture of Guinness.

12:55 - Pops' amazement at the vegetarian option being a vegetable lasagne.

13:00 - Simon collects sauces and stuff.

13:00 - Clearly quite proud of his findings...

13:15 - Here is the aforementioned vegetable lasagne...

13:15 - Simon admires Pops' mineral water.

13:19 - Simon tucks into roast lamb, whilst Susanna enjoys a steak pie.

13:19 - Stan I believe went for the roast beef.

13:59 - Simon weighing up the relative merits of different sauces - here we see them ranked from left to right.

14:36 - Simon, Pops and Stan in an "arty" picture taken in the lift of my local tube station.

14:38 - Needless on-tube picture.

16:00 - Here's Simon and Susanna in the Moon and Sixpence (I think) somewhere or other in Central London, getting desserts.

16:20 - I think this is back on Picadilly Circus again.

16:52 - Well its time for the off, at Victoria Station.

17:03 - Look closely and you can just about see Simon and Susanna here...

17:04 - ...and here!