Simon and Susanna's Wedding

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The pictures I took at Simon and Susanna's Wedding, an absolutely lovely day, Saturday August 10th 2002. Click here for a page with a selection of these images at full size.

10:40:22 Here's Chie, bizarrely with a shopping trolley, at Bournemouth station.

12:17:21 The happy couple signing the register. Given the bright light behind Simon and Susanna this was really hard work as photographs go, but my camera did a good job of it. They both look great!

12:17:43 Hmmm this one didn't work so well.

12:21:02 Chie out on the grass waiting to receive the happy couple.

12:21:17 Apologies for this one, I got far too much of the fire doors in...

12:21:32 That's a bit better!

12:21:51 Here's Mr. and Mrs. Watson, with Susanna's mother and brother.

12:23:17 Simon's family as well...

12:23:49 On reflection, we probably should have asked them to move away from the fire doors. Still, the people look great, even if the background is a little odd...

12:24:00 ...although I can't help but wonder if the slight oddness of it suited Simon right down to the ground.

12:25:15 Don't they look great together?

13:07:21 The reception was at Simon's Dad's house, who has a really lovely back garden. Chie here is getting peckish admiring the fish.

13:07:55 A very nice pond.

13:12:33 Here comes Mrs. Watson!

13:12:38 Simon and Susanna under the gazebo.

13:25:31 Assorted guests at the reception.

13:28:54 I think Simon is making a speech here.

15:50:44 Ah, the classic cutting of the cake picture. Typically lots of other people wanted to take this picture, so it was hard work to jostle for a good position.

15:54:25 The only way I was going to get a picture of me and Chie...

15:56:14 Me, finding something or other amusing.