Simon's Results

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A night out to celebrate Simon getting the results from his final exams (I think he got a first), on Monday 17th June 2002. Not many pictures here, but I've uploaded them because this was the first night out with my third digital camera.

19:32:32 I can't remember where this is now - some place in The Oracle... might have changed its name now. Anyway, here's Simon, Vanessa (just visible), David and Cheryl, plus a bottle of champagne generously provided by David.

19:34:17 Just Cheryl.

19:36:04 David, plus the champagne in a jolly nice (but unfortunately far too difficult to steal) bucket.

22:12:35 In the Iguana now, along with David and Simon's friend whose name escapes me, and seemingly minus Cheryl.

22:13:00 The same picture again.

22:13:58 Oh look, now I'm in it.

22:14:08 Errr, that's it then I guess.