Simon's Visit to Reading

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Simon came to visit me in Reading on the weekend of Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of January. However, almost all of these pictures are taken very late Friday night (or very early Saturday morning depending on how you look at it), over the space of about 23 minutes. An odd collection of pictures, but one very fitting mine and Simon's boozy antics.

03:06:17 This here is a picture of Michelle's Mantid, which me and Simon, fuelled by alcohol, had become fascinated with.

03:06:35 Missed this time.

03:07:37 Not quite sure which way up this picture is supposed to be.

03:08:11 We seemed to have a fishtank as well. I think this was a temporary feature.

03:10:46 Simon, with some kind of gadget, possibly a minidisc player.

03:11:26 Simon seems to be wondering if he is able to insert this into the VCR. Hmmm...

03:14:24 A surprise attack from Simon caught me off guard...

03:15:01 ...and I was forced to hide in the cupboard.

03:16:10 Simon just couldn't resist having a play with these fairy lights. Look at the child-like glee on his face!

03:20:01 I think this was the wine we'd been drinking this evening...

03:22:35 ...that, and this gin.

03:22:50 Simon getting some gin down him.

03:23:41 I must be rinsing out a glass in preparation for gin here.

03:29:17 Must be time to go to sleep soon...!

13:54:06 The next day, wandering into town, what appears to be a pair of gloves, randomly strewn about a hedge.