Chie's Office Party

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Saturday 17th January 2004. Chie's company have their equivalent of the office christmas party in January, as it also marks the date on which the company was founded. It was held at Wentworth Golf Club, which was jolly nice indeed. I wasn't in a very photographic mood, perhaps partly because I hardly knew anyone there. Normally this problem can be fixed by alcohol, but I didn't actually feel like drinking much either. Anyway, as a result there's only a couple of pictures, but as there are one or two really nice ones in there I thought it was worth uploading them nonetheless.

21:55:26 Junko, me and Masato, right in the corner of the dining room.

21:56:27 A nice group picture. Not sure who took it, but thanks!

21:58:02 I wanted to get a picture in of the decor in the room. A bit hard to appreciate from this picture, but it was very nice. Also there was a sort of jazz band playing, who were very good.

23:11:37 I don't know why it was necessary for me to look so stupid in this picture.

23:12:08 This is much better... lovely.

23:12:29 A great sense of perspective in this one. Not sure if that was intentional on Masato's part or not, but still, great nonetheless.