Me andChie

Here's some of the first pictures I took with my new Sanyo VPC-SX550 digital camera. Not very exciting I'm afraid! Just me and Chie going to Sainsbury's and having a meal in my flat. Taken Sunday 18th November 2000. I shrank some of them down a bit to save space/bandwidth. This was all done with Photo Studio. Many more to follow!

16:54: The desk/dining table in my lounge. Looks much nicer with a tablecloth, honest!

18:51: My local Sainsburys, and here's Chie getting excited about chocolate.

19:07: One of those moments of yoghurt indecision we all face from time to time in our adult lives.

19:08: I'm distinctly less interested in yoghurts, however.

19:41: She seems to like this, although I can't really remember why...

19:44: Me trying to fathom pickled onions. It's a tough one.

20:48: Yes I know this t-shirt is girly, thats because it is actually Chie's. Ermmmm, not really sure if I'm helping my case here. Well anyway, this is supposed to be a picture of me cooking.

20:49: Nice. Less emphasis on the t-shirt, more on the cookery.

21:14: Et voila. For starters we have warmed goats cheese in breadcrumbs on a herb salad base...

21:40: While we're waiting for the main course to cook we tried out the self timer.

21:42: This sofa also folds out into a comfortable double bed if anyone is considering visiting. Hint, hint.

21:44: Awww...

21:59: The rather attractive archway leading through to the kitchen - and look - who is that coming round the corner?

22:13: Well not the most stunning piece of food photography but this was nice, honest!

22:45: Help meeeeeeeeee!

15:47: Errr, well this is my laptop really.