Russ and Jill in Hampstead

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Pictures from the evening of Thursday 15th June 2000, when Russ and Jill popped down from Hatfield or wherever it was to come and visit me in Hampstead.

19:41:59 Russ and Jill, just after arriving at Belsize Park, outside the very nice Tapeo, enjoying a bottle of Sol each.

19:43:44 Me and Russ, who looked a lot different from how he did last time I had seen him.

21:16:54 Outside some pub in Hampstead, whose name I can't remember. I think I was trying to find the luvvy's pub, where actors go, but missed.

21:17:39 Me, Jill, a strange angle and some beer.

21:18:21 It's some kind of scary performance art I bet.

21:18:43 Beer beer beer beer.

21:20:48 I'm not sure if this is still part of Russ and Jill's strange performance art routine.

21:21:30 Russ has gone a funny colour.

21:43:52 I think this is Jill's foot. Just look at the state of it!

21:45:23 Not really sure where this was taken, but it looks extremely sinister.

23:31:02 Me and Russ in a phone box.

23:31:56 Me and Russ and Jill in a phone box. There were undoubtedly complaints lodged by the local residents committee about this.

23:34:32 It's important to exercise the muscles in your jaw on a regular basis.

23:35:17 I would really rather not comment, if it's all the same with you.

23:40:48 Russ and Jill pretend to perform a lewd (or is it lude?) act on the steps of my local police station.

23:45:25 In the entrance hall to my flat in Hampstead. I can see both of your pants.

23:53:02 I was trying to have a civilised phone conversation with Chie, whilst Russ and Jill were determined to try and put me off.

23:53:44 I'm deeply afraid of this picture - I'm not even sure I noticed at the time.

23:54:22 Stop it now Russ, I may be smiling, but you're scaring me.

23:55:43 A picture of Russ which, not unusually, is plain terrifying.

00:08:33 I think this must have been just after I beat them both to the floor for their insolence.

00:11:42 Russ and Jill decided to rifle through my cupboards, and stage a fashion show of some of my more interesting coats.

00:43:01 Jill eventually decided she'd had enough and "left us boys to it".

00:43:46 Clearly Russ wasn't going to accept this easily.

00:45:27 I think she's actually asleep here, however, seemingly no reason to stop Russ having a good tug at her ear.

00:53:21 I seem to have fallen asleep standing up.

00:58:33 Shortly afterwards, I went to bed. I think I was asleep already by this point, but Russ had gone hyperactive I guess, and decided to take this delightful picture.

01:03:54 Jill had impressively fallen asleep with an insulting gesture ready in case Russ came to annoy her.

01:05:57 Thanks for that Russ.

01:08:10 Russ, having a good hard think about what he'd just done.