Richard's Night Out Type Thingy

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An evening out on 9th September 2003, to mark Richard from work having become a permanent member of staff, or something like that.

20:42:47 Here's everyone, apart from me, in Nando's enjoying their lovely meaty meals.

20:43:24 The other end of the table, again I don't appear to be in it, probably because I'm taking the picture.

20:44:32 Chie took this one, so I could be in it, but my head is far too small and/or far away, so you can barely see me.

20:44:43 I've attempted to lever some of my right shoulder into shot here, although I'm experiencing fierce competition from the assorted sauces littering the middle of our table.

21:09:13 It's important that I'm clearly labelled here.

21:10:15 This was supposed to be a picture of this side of the table, but they simply weren't paying attention.

21:10:28 After a few stern words they did pay attention properly, but the lighting seems to have suffered odddly.

21:10:52 This here is me with Chris, who was jolly nice indeed.

21:13:33 Look at David here, being a cheeky wee rascal.

21:15:56 After having left Nando's I asked Simon and Vanessa for an "action shot". They didn't disappoint.

21:20:56 It is important at some stage in the proceedings to have Simon and Kevin pointing at an arbitrary sign.

21:35:18 Now we're in the Brewery Tap, in the comfy chairs, and this is me and Chie.

21:41:26 Liz, off in the distance, seems to be watching the football.

21:43:00 A very special picture of David and Simon.

21:43:42 Old Tom the Farm Cat: vegetarian.

21:44:02 Venessa's shoe: vegetarian.

21:44:13 Simon's knee: vegetarian.

21:44:25 An over exposed bottle of J2O: vegetarian.

21:44:40 David's forehead: vegetarian.

21:47:36 Kevin's shin also appears to have been labelled vegetarian.

21:48:18 ...not to mention Cheryl's bag...

21:48:37 ...and Richard's nose.

21:49:06 ...and the sole (soul?) of Rosie's shoe.

21:49:22 Nice dynamics of what-do-you-call-it here.

21:49:32 Errrr... this means the bit under Liz's eye is vegetarian.

21:50:26 Half of Chie's glasses don't wish to partake of meat. This is getting boring.

21:55:02 There was me concerned I wasn't going to have an opprtunity to look rediculous all night, and thankfully Chie came along and decided to put make-up on me.

21:55:12 I'm clearly not happy about it.

21:55:43 ...however that's no good reason not to read the instructions.

21:56:01 Look, there's (V) marks and everything.

22:10:52 A downright smashing picture of Kevin and Simon.

22:14:49 An interesting landscape constructed of David, me and Simon.

22:32:14 Our sofa, and thankfully I've chosen a stupid facial expression.

22:33:14 The sofa opposite ours.

22:33:39 The people who weren't on sofas.

22:40:45 Where we were seated, very expertly photographed from a kind of balcony above type of thing.

22:40:56 Same sort of thing again.

22:41:31 Look, it's David, a bit of an action shot.

23:15:23 On the way out now. Seems like Vanessa is walking by herself, this wasn't the case.

23:15:43 A few people walking down a street.

23:19:11 Errr, there seems to be no point to this.

23:22:12 Chie had to remind me that other people were waiting for this lift door to close, who weren't particularly interested in having their picture taken by some random stranger.