Here's some pictures from a day out in Regent's Park (and Primrose Hill) on Sunday 28th January 2001. The first couple are very high resolution - so may take a while to load, but are well worth it for all the detail...

13:50 - A well over-photographed view out over London from the top of Primrose Hill. One of the best I've taken, it was a good clear day. Take a look at the full image, there's quite a lot of detail there - the BT tower, St' Paul's Cathedral, the Millenium Eye and so on.

13:50 - Another view from the same spot, in a slightly different direction, but a few trees in the way this time.

13:51 - Further round again.

13:53 - Chie with central London in the background.

13:53 - Errr.... me with London in the background.

13:56 - No pictures please.

14:25 - This is somewhere in Regent's park, me playing about with the zoom trying to get unnecessary pictures of ducks.

14:25 - Chie on the bridge over the lake.

14:26 - A couple of ducks discuss politics.

14:50 - Chie in the park cafe, enjoying a tasty bowl of mushroom soup.

15:19 - Near the gardens, I think this path is called the Broadwalk... maybe.

15:19 - Slightly daft action shot.

15:20 - Mini-Chie.

15:20 - Errr, missed, by the looks of it.

15:21 - Can't resist those self-timer shots.

15:23 - A bit better than the previous one.

15:27 - The waterfall, again, probably hugely over-photographed.

15:27 - Yep, its a bit nicer if you face the camera, love.

15:27 - Chie managed to make me totally obscure the waterfall. Am I that fat?

15:29 - A rather brazen squirrel desperate to have its picture taken

15:32 - This would be a black Swan then. I thought you only got these in Dawlish.